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If I Were Dr. Seuss

My day started off, just like any other day. I woke up obscenely early, called Karen, drove to school, ate my Harvest Peach Light Yoplait, and started interpreting. I love my job. I really do. I have gotten so attached to the kids in the classroom I interpret for. In writing, the kids have been working on poetry recently and one of the children needed help ending his poem. I suggested a line and he immediately proclaimed, “Miss Becky, you sounded just like Dr. Seuss! What if you were Dr. Seuss?…” I assured him I wasn’t Dr. Seuss. Then, the child next to him says, “Yeah, but you sounded just like him! We’re all writing poems, so you should write a poem for us about if you really were Dr. Seuss!” They’re just so darn cute. I couldn’t say no. So, here it is.

If I Were Dr. Seuss
Written by Miss Becky

If I were Dr. Seuss, I’d play around all day
But not on a slide or jumping in hay

I’d play with my words and letters and sounds
That is how I would play around

I’d make up fun places like Fronkamazoo
And think of strange people like Hinazamboos

They’d do silly things, like sit on their heads
And all day long, they’d eat crackers in bed

They’d sweep up their crumbs, using cats that they’d twirl
If only they wouldn’t all eat messy like squirrels

These Hinazamboos are great friends of mine
See, these people are all from inside of my mind

I can think anything and write it all down
Words powerful enough to flip anyone’s frown

All of that power from my heart to my pen
And then I can do it all over again!

There is nothing like the sound of kids just laughing uncontrollably. I think they just liked the fact that I wrote a poem specifically for them and it contained silly words. No wonder people like writing kids’ books. That laughter and room full of smiles was the best review ever.

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