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God Sent Me A Little Angel

One of our close family friends/neighbor passed away suddenly early Sunday morning. I was there for the whole experience and it was hard. Really hard. It was such a shock to everyone that my mind was just searching for answers, a way to cope, resolution… I took Monday off from work, which was a really good choice, but even Tuesday, my mind was not dealing very well.

God knew. He sent me a little angel. I walked into school and there was a shoe box waiting for me on the shelf where I keep my things. I opened it up and found this.

I opened up the papers and found two poems. A first grade boy in the class I interpret for is an amazing poet. I’ve told him so often over the past week or so. We have a running joke about that pencil. He told me one day that he felt like he wrote his best poetry with that pencil and he decided he wouldn’t use it for anything else, so it would last longer. I teased him off and on about that, asking to borrow it or other little things, but he stood firm. That pencil was his poetry pencil and that was that. The pencil, you see, is his poetry pencil. That alone touched me to deeply, but then came the poems (he had written these for me over the weekend, by the way, so he knew nothing about any of the Sunday events).

My Nigte and Shiney Omre (My Night in Shining Armor)
to Ms. Becky

My nigte in shinet omre (My night in shining armor)
Be brave thowe the lpashe of dack (Be brave through the splash of dark)
That the blaket of wite will come wife you (That the blanket of white will come with you)
That I’ll woshe ohvre you. (That I’ll wash over you)

Litre (Letter) – My nigte and shiney omre that I no you are be tron for me so that I’ll do the same for you somday. (My night in shining armor that I know you are, be strong for me so that I’ll do tha same for you someday.)

The Funeys Gril in My Hote (The Funniest Girl in My Heart)
to Ms. Becky

Funey (Funny)
Helpfr to me (Helpful to me)
Kyot (Cute)
Has jofr in her hote (Has joy in her heart)
Is not men to her frieds. (Is not mean to her friends)
She helps pepole krose the sreet. (She helps people cross the street)
She hose the spirit in her hote. (She has the spirit in her heart)
Cares for kise. (Cares for kids)

Litre (Letter) – Have a gret time in a.r.z.o.n.u.e. I will miss you but I will nivre stop theking about you. (Have a great time in Arizona. I will miss you, but I will never stop thinking about you.)

That little boy blessed me so much yesterday. He came in the classroom in the morning and ran up to me, gave me a hug, and said, “Did you get it, Miss Becky?! Did you get my present?? I left it for you yesterday! You weren’t here and I missed you.” Throughout the day, he refilled my water, carried my things for me through the halls, opened doors for me, organized my papers and pens, got my chair for me and stacked it at the end of the day. I was quite taken care of. Karen called him my first grade boyfriend, but I call him my much needed little angel.
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  1. "Let the little children come to me." Out of the mouths of babes comes thoughts straight from the heart! Made me cry!

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