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Happy Mother’s Day

To all of you mothers out there!


But especially to the mother that had never-ending patience with my frequent temper tantrums.

The mother who had an endless supply of kind words, encouraging my sisters and I to grow up and conquer the world.

The mother who has such a tender heart towards Jesus, family, friends, and people all around the world.


The mother who is completely selfless, constantly serving others and giving whatever she can, whenever she sees a need.


The mother who spent years knitting our family together through creating traditions and making time for all of us to be together.

The mother who has always been able to find balance between being a wife, daughter, mother, friend, and servant to others.

The mother who also happens to be the coolest grandma on the block.

The mother who taught me baking, organization,


perseverance, responsibility, kindness, generosity, time management,

academics, relationships, wisdom, and love.

The mother I spent years resisting and rebelling against.


The mother I want to become.


I love you so very much, Mama!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. You certainly made me smile... all of the compliments are pretty humbling. I have to thank my own mother for some of this, God for ALL of it!
    Thanks a bunch, Becky!

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