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I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to this weekend!  Maryam was the most beautiful bride and an absolutely perfect hostess.  She took time to talk to everyone that came and made sure that everyone felt welcome and involved and taken care of.

All weekend long, she just kept saying, “If you think of anything else you need, text me!”  She is so selfless!  I am always in awe of her warm, bubbly, gregarious, loving personality.  I love her so much!

The ceremony was incredible.  It had been cold and cloudy and rainy all day.  We all thought they would have to move the ceremony inside, but just before it started, the clouds broke and the rain stopped. It was pretty funny, because you could see the slightest tremor of our bouquets moving, because all of the bridesmaids were shaking in the cold and all of our arms were covered in goosebumps, but it was SO worth it to have the wedding outside!  The view was just absolutely breathtaking and I know Maryam and Zach both really wanted to have the ceremony outdoors!

Zach teared up when he saw Maryam walking down the aisle, which, of course, immediately made me tear up!  Maryam was the most beautiful bride I’d ever seen.  She looked completely stunning in her dress (but she pretty much always looks stunning!).  They wrote their own vows, which were so incredibly sweet and, again, brought the tears.

Maryam and Zach are so completely in love with each other and it shows in how they speak to and about each other. They always speak so highly about the other and they are truly best friends.

It was so much fun to be able to get to know some of Maryam’s friends here that I haven’t had the chance to meet before (darn Tucson being so far away!).  Just like Maryam, they were all so kind and so much fun to be around!

In 6th grade, when Maryam and I were inseparable, we planned out our future.  We were going to meet and marry twins, so that we would be able to be related.  We were both going to become Kindergarten teachers.  We were going to live next door to each other and drive matching teal mini vans (because teal was a mixture of each of our favorite colors – blue and green).  Our kids were going to be best friends.

But, things didn’t quite going according to plan!  Neither of us became Kindergarten teachers.  And we’re currently mini van-less and living in different states. BUT, that just means we have to tweak our plans a bit.  We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to be able to live next to each other and it may be a few more years before either of us have kids, but who knows?  Maybe there are teal mini vans in our future.  🙂

Back to the wedding…like I said, the view was breathtaking!  Standing on the deck of the country club, it felt like you could see out over the entire world.  We were completely surrounded by beauty.

The dinner was delicious!

Maryam’s dad gave a beautiful speech and the reception was just as great as the wedding.  After dinner, they cleared the food and the tables, turned down the lights, and danced the night away.  But there were so many people to catch up with that I hadn’t seen in so long, I never even made it to the dance floor!

I’m so bummed that I didn’t get a picture of them cutting the cake! Both of their faces were covered in crumbs and frosting! Hilariously sweet!

And it was so nice that my parents were there, too! Maryam spent a lot of time at our house over the years and my mom especially loves that girl to pieces. Even after the years of Maryam teasing my mom about her Richard Simmons tapes and always asking her to make grilled cheese sandwiches, even though Maryam would always peel all of the cheese off and refuse to eat it (the girl just hates cheese!).

I am just so happy for both Maryam and Zach.  They are perfect for each other.  They are going to do amazing things together and I am so blessed to know them.