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Weight Loss Update

As I mentioned in my goals post last week, last year I lost 31 pounds and kept almost all of it off.January through August of last year, I was exercising (mostly running) consistently and I was calorie counting.  It worked really well and, over those 6 months, the weight really melted off.Then, in August, after having the summer off, going back to work hit me hard.  I ran once or twice and ate fairly healthy meals for awhile…then just stopped.  Surprisingly, the weight kept coming off for a few months, even though I’d completely stopped exercising and my eating was slowly getting worse and worse.  I give full credit to the lasting effects of running for that one!Then, November hit and we were trying to buy a house.  We started eating out almost every night.  I still wasn’t exercising at all.  So, the weight started slowly creeping back up and I ended up gaining about 7 pounds back by the end of the year.

January 2013 Weight Loss Update

I started 2012 weighing 194 pounds and am starting off 2013 at 171, a 23 pound difference.
Last year, I just wanted to lose weight in general.  This year, I want to be healthy.  171 puts me (just barely) in the healthy BMI range.  My goal weight is 150 and that would put me just about smack dab in the middle of the healthy BMI range.

January 2013 Weight Loss Update 2


I’ve re-started a couch to 5k running plan (I’m currently on week 4/day 2, because I started on week 2) and it’s hard and not really very pleasant, but I remember how great I was feeling last year after I’d stuck with it and it’s motivating me to just keep going, through the cold and wind and darkness and side cramps and soreness.

I’ve also started following Alton Brown’s “lists” diet lifestyle.  I’m giving myself a bit of wiggle room, because I don’t want to become legalistic about this.  I want to incorporate more healthy foods and lessen the amount of unhealthy foods, but I want this to be something I stick with, not just a fad diet.

Already, I’ve been eating a ton of baby spinach, sweet potatoes, and whole grains and have really cut down on the junk food.

These are Alton’s lists that I try to follow:

Foods to Eat Everyday
-dark, leafy greens
-green tea
-whole grains

Foods to Eat 3x A Week
-sweet potato
-oily fish

Foods to Eat Once A Week
-red meat
-white starch

Foods to Avoid Altogether
-fast food
-processed food
-canned soups
-“diet” anything

I’ve added a Weight Loss Journey page button at the top of the site if anyone is interested in reading more in depth about how my weight has affected my life.


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  1. Wow, Becky you look great! 23lbs is a lot, congrats! Can I join you on the road to a healthy lifestyle?!? I already get my daily requirement of fruits and veggies, but struggle to make meals that both Zach and I can enjoy. I normally cook two meals: meat and potatoes for Zach and a veggie dish for myself. I also indulge in frozen yogurt every night, I’m addicted! Not much variety. We never eat fast food and eat out at a nice restaurant once or twice a week. Last night I asked Zach if the Skittles he was munching on was his fruit for the day…sadly it was Anyway, I’m ready to put that KitchenAid mixer to good use…keep posting!!

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