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A Weight Loss Update


I tried Atkins for a week.  I lost 6 pounds in those 7 days, which was awesome!  My grocery bill also skyrocketed.  And meal planning took hours (upon hours…upon hours) longer than normal, which is fairly normal when you’re trying to change the way you cook to fit the new dietary restrictions.  Which is why I am back to limiting my eating out to once a week and eating everything in moderation, leaning heavily on fruits and veggies.  I’m sure eventually I would have learned the ropes and things would have gone more smoothly, but there are a lot of other ways I need to be spending my time right now!


Which brings me to…exercise!  I’m running more regularly now and slowly improving.  My “normal” runs are still only about 1.5 miles and my “long” runs are about 2 miles, but I’ll take it for now.


I also started weight training!  A friend of mine is a personal trainer and she lent me a Cindy Crawford DVD with two separate workouts as an “easy” start to weight training.  So Day 1, I do a 45 minute workout focused on legs, buttocks, chest, back, and abs. Day 2, I do a 40 minute workout focused on legs, shoulders, arms, and abs.  Day 3, is a weight training break, but sometimes I still run.  The plan is to keep doing this DVD for a month, then move on to a harder DVD, then possibly move to weight training at the gym.


I currently weight 166 (with a height of 5’10”), which is 16 pounds away from my goal weight.  I weighed myself everyday during the Atkins trial and wrote it on my mirror, but before that I was trying to only weigh myself once a week, so we’ll see where that goes now.

I’m really happy with my consistency in exercising right now, especially since I’m doing most of these workouts at 5am!  I’m sore from head to toe, meaning the weight training is doing something, even though I’m still using super light hand weights.

I’m glad we at least tried Atkins, but my motto all the way along has been that “I want these changes to be a lifestyle, not a fad”, so I’m pretty relieved that our eating can get back to normal.  I like milk. And bread. And quinoa. And fruit. And carrots. All of which were off limits during the induction period.

My confidence is increasing with every workout and I’m just really proud of my lifestyle right now.  I’m in a good, albeit difficult, routine right now and I’m hoping it will eventually lead to my first sub-30 minute 5k (and obviously, the goal weight!)!


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  1. Becky - I just started using the myfitnesspal.com app and love it! You can use the app or on the computer and then they will sync the numbers for you. I have only been using the program for 5 days but one of my co-workers started the first of December and he has lost 80 lbs! Another co-worker, who always tried and never stuck to a program has lost 27 in 6 weeks. You can log your exercise too and then there are even apps that will talk to each other and keep track of your running. I have always been a WW fan but this seems really easy to use and it's FREE and it's all about a lifestyle change. Goodluck!!!!
  2. I LOVE the Atkins plan!! Anytime I want to shed a few pounds I start the induction phase & they melt away! But I am a meat & veggies kind of person. Lactose intolerant, so milk.....no big deal. I am also Celiac, so breads.......no big deal, I have been used to deleting certain foods so Atkins to me is the perfect lifestyle. Owen & I started Atkins about 12-13 years ago, we both lost all of the weight we need to & just kept most of the lifestyle. But when my thyroid messes up, I gain pounds whether I want to or not!!
    Congrats on losing the weight!! That is awesome!!
  3. You are an inspiration in so many ways!! I discovered your blog and love your recipes, your positive Christ-centered life, and your weight loss journey. I do have a question for you - you are quite open about your weight, but I am wondering how tall you are. Best to you :)
  4. I've been using My Fitness Pal for years! It's definitely my favorite food/exercise tracking tool! Feel free to find me there! My username is so_very_blessed
  5. Way to go Becky! I think it is great that you are focusing on exercise and eating lots of veggies and fruit. I think I would have a hard time with the Atkins diet, but I know it works well for some people. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks, Rachel! I have a hard time on pretty much any extreme diet, but it's definitely Daniel's preferred way to diet. I'm hoping if I load our meals up with fruits and veggies, he'll still see the results without the extreme eating! ;-)
  7. Man, if I was already lactose intolerant and Celiac, Atkins would definitely be a good way to go! Yuck on the thyroid issues, but I'm glad Atkins works so well for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  8. Thanks for sharing that info. Yay for tall women :) I'm 5'11" myself, trying to reach my goal of 160#. Have 12 more to go!! You look great!

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