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Opening My World.

Do you ever have those times in life where you kind of become numb? You just get comfortable with going through the motions of life and you just kind of forget to feel?

I’ve always labeled myself as a very “deep” person. When I ask how you’re doing, I would rather you pour your heart out and tell me about the darkest things going on in your life than paste on a smile and tell me “fine.”

I fell into that rut. Now, there has been plenty to be joyful about and my joy tends to run pretty deep, but it’s been very joy heavy for awhile and I’ve just kind of…forgotten. It was easy going through the motions and having my narrowed view focused on my life alone.

When I posted about winning the mixer the other day, I was on cloud 9 and my euphoria was all I could see in life. And then I read about someone (not much older than me) losing their husband to cancer. The same day I won my that recipe contest.

And it hit me hard.

It awoke that other side of my heart again and reminded me to open my world. My world is more than just me. My world includes my oldest sister’s battle with depression. It includes the pain of the kids that go to the school where I work. It includes my friends’ heartaches and tears. And it includes posts about a stranger losing their husband to cancer.

Empathy is such a powerful tool and I believe it helps in preventing selfishness. When you feel the sting of someone’s hurtful words, you’re less likely to carelessly throw those words at someone else. When you understand what it’s like to struggle, you’re less likely to look down on someone else for struggling.

Open your world. Open your heart.

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