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Mango Shortcake Recipe

I know it’s officially Fall now and I’m supposed to have moved into pumpkin and apple everything, but since it’s still in the 90’s here, I think I have a good excuse for sticking with summer fruit. At least for today.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

After the Blended Conference yesterday, we went to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner and I had a pina colada. It was served in a frozen pineapple, which was pretty much the only reason I ordered it. I’m the girl that orders the drink just to get the little paper umbrella. I understand that I can buy a package of 500 umbrellas for the price of one drink, but that’s just missing the principle of the matter. But this drink didn’t have an umbrella. It had a pineapple ring and green fronds sticking out, as well as the mandatory cherry on top, which was almost as good as a paper umbrella, so I guess I’ll let it slide this one time.

I felt all summery and tropical drinking it, which reminded me that I’m going to Hawaii in March (YAY!). I keep joking that I will have a pina colada, mai tai, or strawberry daquiri in my hand at all times during that trip…you know, for all the umbrellas. I really don’t even like the taste of alcohol that much, but those are the drinks that are always so pretty!

Because I was feeling all summery and tropical, I remembered I had one last mango recipe from this summer and today is a perfect day for Mango Shortcake.

First, mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar together. Then, toss in some chilled and cubed butter.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

Using a pastry blender, food processor, or a couple o’ butter knives, chop the butter into the flour mixture until it’s all nice and crumbly.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

Beat together the egg, vanilla, and milk. I use my measuring cup, because I don’t like washing dishes and dirtying an extra bowl is just plain unnecessary. Pour it all into the flour mixture.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

Then mix it all together with a fork until you get a lumpy, sticky batter.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

Plop (that’s not a very appetizing word, but it’s pretty appropriate here) the batter in 4 piles on a baking sheet.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

Bake ’em for about 12 minutes, then let them cool. If you get too overzealous and try to make them too quickly, the warm shortcake melts the whipped topping. And then it’s just not the same at all.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

So, to keep yourself busy while the cakes are cooling, grab a mango. A perfectly ripe, juicy mango. And cut criss-cross lines through the flesh to make what I think looks like a Ninja Turtle shell.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

Then put it all together. Crispy sweet shortcakes, juicy mango, and fluffy Cool Whip.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

In other words, summery, tropical goodness. Ooo…toasted coconut would have been a delicious addition!

Next time.

Mango Shortcake Recipe : So Very Blessed

Yields 4

Mango Shortcake Recipe
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    For the Topping
  • 1 mango, peeled and diced
  • Cool Whip
  • For the Shortcake
  • 1 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 stick (1/4 cup) butter, chilled and cubed
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/3 cup milk


    For the Shortcakes
  1. Preheat oven to 425.
  2. Mix together flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar.
  3. Cut butter into the dry mixture, using a pastry blender or fork, until crumbly.
  4. In a separate bowl, mix together egg, vanilla, and milk and pour into dry mixture.
  5. Stir until combined.
  6. Separate dough into 4 pieces and drop each piece onto a greased cookie sheet (or Silpat lined cookie sheet).
  7. Bake 12-15 minutes, until golden brown. Let cool.
  8. For the Topping
  9. Cut each shortcake in half.
  10. Sprinkle mango pieces on the bottom half, add a dollop of Cool Whip, and place the top half of the shortcake on top.


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