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Thankful Thursday

I believe in thankfulness.

I’m going to be honest with you folks. Life isn’t a walk in the park right now. Big, crazy, heart-wrenching stuff is going on and that’s okay. I mean, it doesn’t always feel okay, but I don’t think anybody would say their life is easy. And really, that makes this all the more perfect time to be searching for the blessings in my life, because even in the tough times, they just overflow.

My oldest sister. She has gone through years of the tough stuff and is really a spiritual mentor of mine. She listens. She encourages. She inspires.

Thankful Thursday : So Very Blessed

This verse. It was the first verse that I memorized in my adult life and it’s the verse I recite to myself in pretty much any situation, since these values are crucial to fall back on and strive toward.

Thanksgiving lunches. Even cafeteria ones that I don’t eat very much of (the mashed potatoes and roll were the bomb diggity). There’s still something comforting about Thanksgiving food.

Thankful Thursday : So Very Blessed

Fall in Tucson. It’s weird. And warm. And prickly. But, it’s actually quite nice.

Thankful Thursday : So Very Blessed

Oh, this girl. Her name is Holli. She’s in a band and has a rockin’ voice. Every morning, she comes into our office bundled up in her scarf, sweater, and winter coat (when the students are walking around in shorts and t-shirts) and gives me the biggest smile, which I believe is a big achievement at 7am. She brings me popcorn when I mention a kind I like and buys my lunch when the teachers order in. She has a “Beatrice” voice that is the funniest thing I’ve heard in my life. I try so hard to replicate it, but I fail so miserably. You just have to hear it.

Thankful Thursday : So Very Blessed

Cheesy Christmas movies. Did you know that Hallmark is playing a ton of Christmas movies already? I loooooove them! I’ve watched a bunch already and our DVR is now full of ’em. Santa playing matchmaker, women falling into piles of snow and being saved by a random man in the middle of nowhere, and kids searching for the true meaning of Christmas all make my heart all warm and cheery. And I set up our animated melting snowman and Roxy freaked. It was quite the event. They had a rough spot in their first impressions, but I think she feels the warm and cheery now, too.

Thankful Thursday : So Very Blessed


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