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Half Marathon Training – Week 2

In my second week of training, I’ve realized that the feeling of accomplishing new goals is exciting. Consistency and repetition…not so much. My long runs invigorate me. Running that far is still new for me and I feel proud and empowered and strong. Running the 3ish miles on the other two days of the week doesn’t give me as much excitement, which is quickly proving to me how important mental preparation is for my runs.

Half Marathon Training - Week 2 : So Very BlessedThe physical preparation is important, too. If I’m sleeping well, staying hydrated, and eating well (ie all the quinoa), I have more energy and less aches afterward. But the mental preparation has been vital. When I spend time setting specific goals based on my previous runs, plan out my course in advance, create new music playlists to listen to, and even just decide on my outfit to fit the weather forecast (I bought new running pants from Target this week & I love them!), it makes a world of difference.

Half Marathon Training - Week 2 : So Very Blessed

My Tuesday night run this week was rushed and unplanned – I overdressed for the temperature (it is winter, but it’s still Arizona…) and didn’t plan my route ahead of time, so I was hot and sweaty and running up and down the same streets repeatedly just to get my mileage in.

Half Marathon Training - Week 2 : So Very Blessed This week, I learned that wearing two layers of socks and using a little bit of Vaseline can make a world of a difference when it comes to limiting friction and preventing blisters and I’ve been wearing these highly recommended Injinji socks that I thought were going to drive me crazy, but I actually love.

Half Marathon Training - Week 2 : So Very Blessed

And here’s my mileage for last week! I haven’t been too focused on speed yet since I’ve been concentrating on just getting the distance in, but I think I may attempt to start pushing a little bit faster soon.

Half Marathon Training - Week 2 : So Very Blessed

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  1. Ah, I love the feet by feet picture. Adorable! :) I'm glad you've had some realizations on what success looks like and how to get there. You're figuring this whole thing out! Proud of you!! :)

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