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I Am Now An ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I took the personal trainer certification test on Friday morning and I passed! And then proceeded to do happy dance for the rest of the year whilst grinning ear-to-ear.

I Am Now An ACE Certified Personal Trainer : So Very Blessed

I’ve been studying for it for a few months now (across 3 different states!), but it still feels completely surreal.

#1 – Because I don’t have rippling muscles.

#2 – Because it has taken me 28 years to get to a place where I’m finally eating nutritiously and exercising regularly.

The night before the exam, I found this picture of myself. I believe I was 14 at the time and I was close to 250 pounds. It wasn’t just a few extra pounds I was carrying. Even for being a tall kid, I was obese. I was a teenager that had to buy jeans with elastic waistbands and shirts with at least two X’s in front of the L. I was miserable and desperate for others’ approval.

I Am Now An ACEI Am Now An ACE Certified Personal Trainer : So Very Blessed

Fast forward 14 years and I am healthier and happier and more confident than I have ever been. I’m running half marathons and eating all the quinoa and I am in love with my life.

And that is why I’m doing this – to help people make some of the changes that I’ve made over the years to gain confidence and get to a healthier and happier place. This isn’t the end yet. I needed to earn this certification before starting on my health coach certification, so now I get to move onto the next step and work on health coaching, which I am so excited to dive into!


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  1. woohoo! Go Beckyhead! You were beautiful then and you're beautiful now, inside and out, but I'm glad you've found a place where YOU feel healthy, happy, and beautiful! You're going to rock the health coach step!
  2. I have been following you for a few years! Your posts always leaving me smiling and so encouraged!!!! Congratulations - you deserve this!

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