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Finding Freedom Registration is Open!

Over the past few weeks, I have been releasing a 3-part video lesson series to give you a taste of my approach to health and weight loss and to give you a few ways to start 2016 on a healthier note.

And today, I am thrilled to share with you that I’ve officially opened registration for my brand new 90 day program, Finding Freedom.

I created Finding Freedom for people struggling with their health, wanting to lose weight and break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting. I know how frustrating and devastating it is to want to lose weight so badly and just not be able to keep it off.

I Am Now An ACEI Am Now An ACE Certified Personal Trainer : So Very Blessed

When I became a health coach, I quickly discovered there was a world of pre-written program materials out there…and there is some great information out there, but it isn’t what I wanted to tell you. I didn’t want to simply spout off facts and give you the food and exercise recommendations.

I wanted to give you tools to get back on track after a chocolate binge. I wanted to give you ways to fight your food cravings and get yourself to go for a walk, even when all you want to do is stay on the couch and watch Netflix. I wanted to climb into the trenches of this journey with you, so that you had the support, the knowledge, and the tools to give you encouragement on the tough days and guidance to make the best of the great days. I want to see you succeed! So, instead of going with someone else’s words and ideas, I wrote a program for you from scratch.

This program comes from my heart. It combines everything I learned along the highs and lows of my own 100-lb weight loss journey with the knowledge I’ve gained through my personal training and health coach certifications to give you a practical and heart-centered approach to weight loss.

Finding Freedom is a simple way for you to take action on your dream today. Invest in your health, and in yourself.

Registration closes January 31st!

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