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Finding the Middle Ground

I used to get so frustrated with trying to lose weight. It seemed like there were only two camps out there. There were the people that spent hours at the gym everyday, running and lifting, and eating their daily salads with dressing on the side. And then there were the people who enjoyed binge watching Netflix with a delivery pizza and an ice cream sundae.

It frustrated me to no end, because I wanted to look like someone who did the former, but truly, I wanted to live like the latter.

And, believe me, I tried to jump to the other camp. I would decide that I was going to change and do everything I could to convince myself to enjoy going to the gym…but I just didn’t. Outside of a few exercise classes I enjoyed, I hated going to the gym. It seemed like I was slower and weaker than every other person around me, which was the farthest thing from motivational. And living off of salads? I enjoy a salad now and then, but come on now! A life without burgers and fries and cupcakes is not the life for me. So, I would try to change, it would last a couple weeks, and then end up back on my couch with boxes of takeout.

Finding the Middle Ground : So Very Blessed

I hate jumping to extremes and it just never worked for me. You know what did work for me? The middle ground. Compromises. The little things.

Walking in place on the Wii balance board, so that I was moving, but I still got to watch TV. Going from drinking a heck of a lot of Sprite to Sprite mixed with lemonade to just lemonade to eventually water with lemon. Adding the frozen microwavable vegetables to my dinners when I didn’t know how to cook (or even pick out!) any fresh produce. Packing my lunch for work. Learning the nutritional info about the food I was eating and getting rid of the unhealthy stuff I didn’t care about, so that I could make room for the food I did want to eat. Cutting brownies into the number of serving the box recommends, instead of just making up my own giant slices.

There were a million and one little things that I did and each one alone didn’t do all that much and didn’t feel all that hard, but together? Well, it all added up to 100 pounds, which is a pretty amazing thing.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking healthy is too far away, or unreachable for you…it’s not. You don’t have to force yourself to do or eat things that you hate, jumping from one extreme to the other.

There is middle ground there, you just have to find it.

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