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So Very Blessed: The Surprise Going Away Party Edition

I don’t remember the moment that I chose the title for this blog. It was way back when I was in college, but I don’t remember what I was thinking or feeling – if I was struggling or celebrating something wonderful. What I do know is that the title is one of the very best descriptors of my life every single day, during every single season. I don’t throw around the words “So Very Blessed” to create SEO for my website or to make my blog a household name. I say it all the time because I mean it with every fiber of my being, and many of those blessings have come through the people in my life.

I officially moved to Colorado this week. It’s exciting and wonderful and I am nervously anticipating the next chapter of my life, but I have been in denial about saying goodbye to my amazing community in Tucson. It finally sunk in the other night  in the middle of the most beautiful surprise going away party.

I have this friend here. “Friend” really isn’t the most applicable term for her, because she is so much more to me than that. She is really more like my soul mate; someone who understands me on a level that nobody else can. She is the one who held me up through the darkest days of my divorce, who encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone in a million and one different ways, who filled my life in Tucson with love and family and music and joy, and who has taught me so much about life, God, generosity, and relationships. She is the person I would go anywhere in the world with, whether it be the grocery store or Carlsbad, California, and I know I would have a wonderful time simply because she was there.  And she spent the last month, along with some other wonderful friends, planning the most incredible party for me, and somehow sneakily inviting the entire church.

Surprise Going Away Party : So Very Blessed

I had spent the day with friend-time, meals, nature walks, pedicures, and a massage that were carefully planned to keep me out of the house while they decorated and cooked. The only way I can describe the feeling when I walked into the party is that I was paralyzed by kindness. As I walked into the house where I had lived for the last month, I looked around and was overwhelmed by every single detail that had been carefully chosen to match my every preference.

Surprise Going Away Party : So Very Blessed

There was a photo booth because of my love of pictures (and the people in them!).

Surprise Going Away Party : So Very Blessed

And the food – oh, the food! She knows how much I love to try unique, fun, fancy, weird, and Instagram-worthy food, so they made a TON of it – and all from scratch! There was a bruschetta bar full of fruit, nuts, meat, fancy cheeses, balsamic vinegars, arugula salad, figs, and enough toasted garlic-rubbed baguette slices (regular and gluten-free!) to feed an army! There was a burrito bar with chips and Laurie’s famous salsa, not to mention the table full of fruit salad (with no bananas in sight!), salted caramel butter bars, a s’more bar, and adorable little caramel-nut dipped grapes.

Surprise Going Away Party : So Very Blessed

There were happy pink (my favorite color!) decorations in every corner, chevron (my favorite print!) napkins, and the night was full of laughter, marshmallow roasting, sparklers, and lots and lots of hugs. The pictures just can’t do it justice. They can’t capture the warmth, the bliss, and the love that filled the house that night, or the deep affection and appreciation I have for every single person there.

Surprise Going Away Party : So Very Blessed

That day was quite possibly the best day of my life. As I sit in my parents’ living room in Colorado writing this post, I am still overwhelmed that so many people would invest so much of their time and energy into such an extravagant going away party for me. My heart breaks when I think about missing church this weekend, not walking into my “Cheers bar church” (where everybody knows my name), stepping up front to sing on the worship team, or hugging my way around the sanctuary.

But, how beautiful it is to have so many people to miss.

I am just so very blessed.


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  1. What a wonderful memory and sweet way to finish up your time there. Moving is so bittersweet but I hope that you have many great new adventures here in Colorado! And I'm looking forward to seeing you too!
  2. I'm glad you were so surrounded by love and community during your time in Tuscon. I'm very excited you're back in Colorado and can't wait to go hang out and do something. I hope your transition is smooth and direction clear and that you soon find yourself as equally supported and loved here as you were in AZ! True friends never truly leave your heart. <3

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