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I awoke yesterday morning to the pitter patter of 4 little feet scurrying down the hall with the most excited not-so-hushed whispers. They exclaimed, “Aunt Becky! It’s Christmas!” and enthusiastically rattled off stories of reindeer hooves pawing at our roof, sleigh bells jingling, and the pile of presents waiting for us upstairs (all in one breath, of course!).

And then my nephew, in all of his 4-year-old wisdom proclaimed, “It’s not about the presents. Christmas is about Jesus!” In that moment, my heart melted and my soul sang songs of gratitude for that sweet blonde boy dancing around in his new monkey pajamas. 

Yesterday, we celebrated Jesus’ birthday with a day full of joy, giving, and togetherness!

On Christmas Eve, I was able to hear my mom and oldest sister play handbells in the service and savored my most favorite moment of all – when the sanctuary went dark and was lit only by the flickering candles we were holding as we all sang “Silent Night.” We set out stockings and a plate of cookies and water (because we don’t know if Santa is lactose intolerant, but he needs to stay hydrated for all of his hard work).

We opened our stockings (mine was full of all things salted caramel – Santa knows me so well!) and had the most delicious breakfast of monkey bread, roasted vegetable egg casserole, and fruit skewers. My brother-in-law had even written us personalized special notes/blessings at each of our plates. Mine was for a year of love. He’s cheering for me to find a good man this year – ha!

Last year, the kids were so excited about presents that it was like Christmas morning was on hyper speed and the only goal was to unwrap presents as fast as humanly possible. This year, it was so different! Brianna was very intentional about passing out one present at a time and getting everyone to pay attention as each of them was opened. Caden helped pass them out in the beginning, but he got distracted playing with his new toys along the way.

It was such a happy and relaxed morning! My brother-in-law is quite the craftsman and he ended up making me 4 different backgrounds for my food photos – plywood, marble, tile, and the one I’m holding below that he put together one little wood chunk at a time. I’m so excited to put those into use!

The kids got new cameras in their stockings, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to take after their aunt and start taking pictures of all of their food!

We took an afternoon break after present opening, then headed to my parent’s house for our traditional Christmas enchilada dinner! We have an enchilada assembly line and we each have a different job. My dad is always the fryer and, boy, that man can make some delicious homemade chips!

Not long after that, we all crashed after a very merry and bright Christmas.

How was your Christmas?

Did you travel? Stay home?

What are your favorite traditions?

What was the best gift that you gave? (I think mine was the Echo Dot for my brother-in-law – he was so excited!)