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Healthy Stocking Stuffer Snack Guide

Try these healthy stocking stuffer snack ideas to enjoy your stocking treats without the side of guilt! 

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Healthy Stocking Stuffer Snack Ideas

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For years, I have been looking for healthy(er) stocking stuffers and all I have ever been able to find are non-food items. I love getting cute socks and lip balm in my stocking, but I want a few edible treats on Christmas morning, too! It’s easy to fill a stocking with unhealthy treats (and I always throw some of those in, too), but I don’t like going too overboard on the junk.

So this year, I came up with a list of my own. These are some of my favorite healthy treats in every category – sweet, salty, gummy, and chocolatey.

My Favorites

I’m a huge fan of gummy candy, so the fruit snacks and gummy bears are high on my list! Those berry flavors get me every time. And fruit leathers and twisted fruit ropes are great too for a different texture with those fruity flavors.

And I was actually able to tour Theo’s Chocolate Factory last year when I was visiting my best friend in Seattle. It’s a very impressive place and they definitely make high-quality products. I can definitely vouch for that after all of the samples I tried! Dark chocolate is the best choice for the most health benefits with milk chocolate coming in next.

You’ve got your sweet treats like apple chips (sooo good), yogurt-covered raisins, and different snack bars. I love the cranberry almond Kind bars. The chocolate chip cookie dough and the peanut butter cookie Larabars are amazing. They make all of that deliciousness out of dates and nuts (crazy)!

If you’re looking for salty, crunchy treats, popcorn is always a hit!

That salty/sweet combination is hard to beat, though. I love the individual squeeze pouches of peanut butter, hazelnut spread, and especially the maple almond butter!

Do you have any go-to healthy snacks that you use for stocking stuffers? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Healthy Stocking Stuffer Snack Ideas : So Very Blessed - Try these healthy stocking stuffer snack ideas to enjoy your stocking treats without the side of guilt! 
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  1. Great list! It's nice to see some "treats" too as the kids expect those. But really we're being so much nicer to give healthy snacks. Love it!
    1. Thank you so much! I am doing a mixture of healthier and not-as-healthy treats this year. It's good to splurge, but with some of the massive stockings I've been seeing recently, there can definitely just be too much of a good thing!

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