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Crazy Wind, Epidote, & My New Boyfriend

Since our relationship is now “Facebook official,” it only seems right to introduce you to him, too. This is Adam – sweet, godly, funny, handsome, all-around wonderful guy. Our first date ended up lasting 9 1/2 hours, just because we enjoyed each others’ company so much. I feel like that’s a pretty solid start to a relationship! There will be plenty more details to come.

Earlier this week, we drove out to Pawnee Buttes and spent some time hiking in the craziest wind of all the winds. Adam’s caption for this photo was, “It’s not an intentional fauxhawk…it was just very windy.” Because seriously, so windy (windy is probably my least favorite weather type)


Apart from nearly being blown away, it was a beautiful day to be outside! The sun was shining, it was just warm enough for me, and the sky was brilliantly blue.

And Boots came with us, too (Adam gets major bonus points for inviting him along)! He loved hiking and sniffing his way through the area. I was watching for rattlesnakes all day because apparently, they are pretty common in that area, but fortunately, we didn’t see any! We did run into a whole lot of cacti, but Boots was a trooper as I picked the pricks out of his poor little paw pads.

Adam is a rockhound – a term I’d never even heard before, basically meaning he’s super into rocks and minerals. So after the hike, we spent some time rock hunting near the area. I learned a lot about agate, feldspar, and epidote (that was my favorite find of the day – it’s a green mineral!). I’m still new at recognizing which rocks are actually worth looking at (I kept picking up quartz because I thought it was pretty, but apparently it’s not a very big deal), but I absolutely loved wandering and being outside.

“How Deep the Father’s Love For Us” was pretty much on repeat in my head all afternoon because I was just…thankful.

How do you feel about wind?

Have you gone on any awesome hikes recently?

I hope you are having a beautiful week!

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  1. Jeremy and I have been staying with my mom and step-dad the past few weeks and we've been hiking in the Mark Twain National Forest a few times a week. It's been so nice to get out into nature and be among the trees and the quietness of the forest. :) Looks y'all had a great time! I love the pic of Boots looking out over the scenery! 😍
    1. Oh man, I bet the Mark Twain National Forest is absolutely beautiful! There really is something special about a quiet forest. Boots definitely loved taking in the scenery!

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