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Love In The Middle Piece

I am a middle piece person. I have no idea when it started or where it come from, but I am a firm believer that the middle piece just tastes better.

Most of my family and friends know this quirk, so I often get the middle piece these days without even asking. I’m telling you, it’s like a part of my love language! Every time someone gives me the middle piece, I go aww in my head and just think it is the sweetest thing. It’s a little thing that really means so much to me!

Out of all of the people in my life, my brother-in-law is the one who is the most intentional about giving me middle pieces. On Super Bowl Sunday, we made bratwurst. He was splitting one with me and when he cut it in half, he actually chopped the ends off to give me the exact middle. That was definitely a first (but again, aww)!

He also happens to be the best cheesecake maker ever. I’ve been teasing him for the last year that someday I am going to sneak into the fridge and use a biscuit cutter to get the exact middle of one of his cheesecakes, which freaks him out because he is all about trying to get the perfect looking cheesecake with elaborate and precise decorations and no cracks across the top.

He made us a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake the other day and got me all excited when he broke out the biscuit cutter…and then he couldn’t bring himself to do it (darn)! He did end up using the biscuit cutter on the leftover chunk, so I did get that middle piece, but I’m still holding out hope to get that perfectly middle piece someday.

We also discovered that using the biscuit cutter works great to cut through the cheesecake, but not so great when you are trying to get the cheesecake out of it.

At family dinner this week, my mom made us a lemon blueberry zucchini cake for dessert and I got the middle piece of that, too! This is love. <3

We did some Where’s Waldo searching (I hadn’t looked at those books in years, but I still remember some of the scenes!) and my dad made the kids super happy by dragging them around the house by his jean pockets.

Oh, and we made homemade pizzas this week! We had a whole bunch of topping choices (a great way to get rid of leftover bits!) – spinach, artichoke, bacon, cheese, alfredo sauce, marinara, olives. There is just something so cathartic about kneading and shaping homemade dough to me – the yeasty smell, the soft doughiness. It’s one of my many happy places. And, of course, Stephen and I were tossing dough around the kitchen while exclaiming every Italian word we could think of. Grazie! Prego! Arrivederci!

Also, I think Boots may be part husky. The weirdo likes to go outside and just lay in the snow.

Are you a middle piece person or do you prefer edges…or do you even care either way?

Do you like kneading dough (if you haven’t tried, you should do that stat!)?

Do you remember any of the Where’s Waldo scenes?

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    1. The middle piece is totally the best! And crazy is definitely a good word for him! Lovable, sweet and cuddly? Yes. Incredibly quirky and slightly neurotic? Also very true! ;-)

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