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Free Fallin’ – That Time We Went Indoor Skydiving

I have this bucket list. I wrote it out a few years ago and I got pretty serious about checking things off of it.


And all kinds of other things. And then, I just kind of forgot about it.

Until Adam suggested we go indoor skydiving and I got all excited because that was another thing on my list (the list that I can no longer find, darn it)!

And it was AMAZING!!

Indoor Sky Diving

You go through a short training on body positioning and hand signals and get suited up before heading in. The flights are super shorts (like a minute each time you go), but holy cow, there is just no describing the feeling of floating on air like that!

Every tiny movement, straightening your legs, moving your hands, or bringing you chin up can move you up, down, and all around and it was AWESOME!

At the end of my second flight, the instructor grabbed onto my suit and took me flying way up high, spinning me all around, soaring down to the bottom of the tunnel and then back up again. That was by far the coolest part!

There were only two downsides to the experience.

#1 – It’s crazy expensive for such a short amount of time.

#2 – I can’t say that I love the feeling of 100 mph winds flying straight up my nose. It obviously didn’t faze me too much though because I had a smile pasted on my face the entire time I was in the tunnel!

Indoor skydiving is genius because it doesn’t seem nearly as life and death as hurling myself out of an airplane. I’m not really much of a thrill seeker, but thrill-seeking in a safe and predictable environment? Sign me up!

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