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Krautburgers, Bed Hogs, and Cuddles

Sunday night family dinner this week was mini krautburgers, green beans, and a delicious salad with greens, apples, dried cranberries, nuts, Parmesan cheese and a super light and citrusy homemade dressing. I have always loved mini food (and krautburgers, for that matter), so this dinner made me extremely happy!

My sister had a meeting the other night, so I put the kids to bed and I forgot how much I love spending time with them at bedtime. It’s like right after we brush their teeth, they get super sweet and cuddly and talkative.

After I read stories, my 4-year-old nephew said, “Aunt Becky, first, we are going to pray. Next, I am going to need a drink of water. Then we are going to cuddle.” First of all, I love praying with him! He always calls the person who prays the “director” of prayer and it is adorable. He asked me to thank God for cuddles. Which leads me to my second point – I just can’t get enough cuddles from this sweet boy. My goodness, this kid melts my heart. (And then he was sick yesterday, so there were a whole lot more cuddles where that came from!)

And Brianna is just as sweet. I accidentally called Caden “kiddo” and she quickly pointed out, “Hey! I’m your kiddo and he’s your buddy!” And she’s absolutely right. The two of us looked for shapes in the clouds painted on her ceiling and dreamed up stories of sting rays, dinosaurs, spaceships, and bunnies.

My super generous sister and brother-in-law got me a bike! I had gotten one a while ago, but it was stolen when I still lived in Tucson, so I am super excited to put this one to good use! Especially because we live so close to a really amazing bike trail!

Also, Costco’s pizza slices are massive. I had to throw Caden’s head in there for scale to show its enormity.

Our morning runs just keep getting more and more beautiful. Blue skies for days! Have you seen the “live” photo feature on the new iPhones? When you are flipping between pictures, it shows just a little bit of the movement of the photo subject before and after the photo was taken, so it’s almost like a super short video clip. When I take pictures of Boots running or walking, it means I see his booty wiggle back and forth and it cracks me up because it is so characteristic of him!

Also, can we just talk about how this 65-pound border collie can leave me such a tiny usable portion of bed space? He is the very definition of a bed hog dog. The struggle is real.

Do you have a bed hog in your life?

When is the last time you looked for shapes in the clouds? (that always reminds me of that sweet scene from the movie Up!)

Have you had krautburgers before?

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  1. Just catching up on your posts and enjoying them tremendously. Krautburgers sound interesting. Have a recipe to share? Would love to try them. Again, love catching up with you!!

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