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Of Moose & Men

Adam and I had a date day last weekend and I pulled out all of my super smooth moves. Just kidding. I am like the least smooth person ever! Case and point:

At the very beginning of the day, we were walking from his house to his car and…well, I’m not gonna lie, I was distracted by his face. While I was looking at him, I failed to see the concrete step I was supposed to be walking down, so my ankle twisted and there was just no catching myself. I crumpled down onto the cold, wet, snowy grass.

After he made sure I was okay, he commented, “Well, that may have been embarrassing on a first date.” And I responded, “Oh, Adam, it is embarrassing any time.” He still doesn’t know that my foot was so swollen that night that I could barely get it out of my shoe.

The rest of the day was practically perfect in every way!

He took me to this cute, trendy place called TAG Burger Bar. We each got burgers that were super juicy and amazing. Then we split a plate of truffle aioli and Parmesan fries and an adult milkshake (“Da Bomb”, to be exact). Don’t skip the fries! Holy cow, with the truffle aioli drizzled on top and the salty Parmesan sprinkles, they were all kinds of amazing!

And I had to teach Adam the correct order for eating fries…middle fries first without the thin ends first, obviously. He’s more of a grab a handful and eat whatever’s there kind of guy. That just means I need to push the non-middle fries his way. 😉


We wandered around the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He knows how much I love moose, so of course, we headed to the North American animals exhibit first! I know it’s ridiculous, but I was pretty giddy with excitement to see them!

And I know how much he loves rocks & minerals, so that was our next stop. I have already learned so much in that area. Rhodochrosite (Colorado’s state mineral) is a beautifully deep red and botryoidal might just be my new favorite word (a mineral texture that looks kind of like a cluster of grapes).

And I also learned that we might be the slowest museum goers ever. After those two exhibits, we only made it about halfway through the health exhibit before the museum closed on us.


We had a double date with some friends of his later that night and they were some of the warmest, nicest people ever.

They made us dinner at their place, then we headed to Union Station downtown to walk, talk, and sip hot chocolate (which we needed because it was so stinkin’ cold outside!).

I want to go back to that area again when it’s warmer because it was one of those dreamy movie-esque walks with lights strung along the path, unique structures all around, and a wooden bridge over a river. It was absolutely beautiful.

P.S. My ankle is fine! I probably shouldn’t have spent all day on it after twisting it, but I went running Tuesday morning and almost all of the soreness is gone!


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