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The One Thing That Draws Me Nearer to God

In all of the joy, heartache, and busyness of life, this is the one thing that draws me nearer to God consistently. 

I have been a Christian since I was 15 years old. The day I decided to surrender my life and follow Jesus, I sure didn’t have it all figured out, but I was on a mission to try. I have spent the past 15 years working on my relationship with God.

There have been joyful times when I felt like His unfailing love was overflowing the wellsprings of my heart and I just couldn’t help but smile from ear-to-ear, singing out His praises.

There have been heartbreaking times when I just couldn’t make sense of things or see how His hand could possibly be at work.

There have been times when I could confidently proclaim “It is well with my soul!” because I could palpably feel His peace covering me.

And there have been dry times when I didn’t feel Him at all.

Through it all, there has been one thing that has kept me consistently drawing nearer to God – making time to connect with Him daily. 

The One Thing That Draws Me Nearer to God

In all of the joy, heartache, and busyness of life, this is the one thing that draws me nearer to God consistently.

Making Time

I just came back from a 5-day camping trip. It was lovely and wonderful, but it was also jam-packed with activity. We were up and moving early in the morning and we didn’t get back to the campsite until late in the evening.

God was not at all absent from this trip. We were making our way through national parks and taking in the beauty of His creation in wonder everywhere we looked. We listened to praise songs in the car and talked about His majesty.

But I didn’t have my usual journaling and prayer time with Him every morning and I felt it.

I felt myself coming slowly ungrounded and my thoughts ever-so-gradually drifting farther away.

It wasn’t that I stopped loving Him or caring about Him this week, I just simply got so caught up in the activity of everything else that I just…forgot. I forgot to reach out to Him and share my heart and experiences with Him.

It was like I was spending my days talking to people about God, but not talking to Him and that makes all the difference.

And I was reminded, yet again, that making time to connect with God is the most important decision I can make every day. And I don’t mean waiting for an opening to come up in my schedule (because, really, how often does that actually happen?).

I mean intentionally making time to push everything else aside to immerse yourself in Him. 

The Power of Quality Time with God

That quality time has the power to

  • heal hearts
  • calm storms
  • ease worries
  • infuse joy
  • cover with peace
  • guide steps
  • direct decisions
  • bring stillness & life to weary souls

Just a few minutes in His presence can do wonders for bringing purpose to your day.

Just like in any of my other relationships, that quality time is essential to my relationship with Him. It’s not about the amount of time or even what that time looks like, as long as I am making the intentional effort to connect with Him.

That personal tie is what makes the difference between having a belief in God and having an active and growing relationship with Him.

…and I want the relationship. I choose the relationship. I want my eyes so fixed on Him that whatever situations arise in my life, I remain unshaken. I want my thoughts so flooded with His Word that I can instantly recognize the lies and throw them out. I want to be so immersed in His grace that there is no room left for self-condemnation and doubt.

Yes, he is my Savior, but He is also my best friend, confidant, and my Rock – rooting my every response, emotion, thought, action, and word. And I want my life to prove that truth.

It takes time in His Word, time sharing your heart, and time listening to His. 

The key to all of those things, the one thing that draws me nearer to God consistently, is making time for Him every single day.

I don’t always succeed, but when I do, it makes all the difference. Prioritizing that relationship by making that time is more than worth it.

If you are feeling distant from God right now, try it. Try 5 minutes. Try to read one chapter in your Bible. Try talking to Him about your day, sharing your joys and disappointments alike. Intimacy is not built in an instant, but He is right there waiting, ready when you are.

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