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Are you missing out on the best parts of life? Stop hiding your weight loss journey and watch your life, and those around you, transform for the better! 

When I was 100 pounds overweight, I did not exercise in front of people. I didn’t talk about how much weight I had to lose, I didn’t share the little ways I was trying to get healthier. I didn’t celebrate with people when I beat my french fries craving and went with the side salad instead because I would never admit that I had a french fries craving to begin with!

If I did situps, they were done in the privacy of my bedroom where nobody could see the struggle it took just to lift the upper half of my body off the ground. When I started eating more vegetables, I kept it to myself because my “more vegetables” seemed like nothing compared to the healthier people in my life.

I was embarrassed I was overweight in the first place.

I was ashamed of my past choices that had led me to that point.

I wasn’t fast or strong and I certainly didn’t want people noticing that. 

Now, part of this may be my personality type. I’m an INFJ and that introversion is strong in me and naturally draws me inward and out of the limelight.

But, for the most part, it was guilt and shame that kept me from sharing my weight loss journey with others. And when guilt and shame are calling the shots, chances are, they aren’t leading you in the direction you need to be going.

Are you missing out on the best parts of life? Stop hiding your weight loss journey and watch your life, and those around you, transform for the better! 

Why You Should Stop Hiding Your Weight Loss Journey

You have a positive influence to share

The reason I’m writing this post at all right now is that I noticed, even 100 pounds later, it is still my natural tendency to exercise out of sight. I disappear to my bedroom to do strength training because, even with a personal trainer’s certification and regular exercise, I still feel like I’m too weak and I don’t want others to notice (sometimes it’s a conscious decision and sometimes not).

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is planking throughout the day. It reminds me to stand up and move instead of sitting at my computer all day while I work and I want to build that core strength. The other night, I was about to go downstairs to my room to do the plank when I stopped and asked myself, why are you hiding?

So, instead of disappearing to my room, I asked my sister if she wanted to plank with me. Not only did we plank together, but she asked if we could do a pilates video together the next morning (um…heck yes!).

When you make those decisions to live a healthier lifestyle, your decisions rub off on other people. You have an impact. Don’t wait to be perfect until you share that influence with others. Just mentioning to a friend that you are going for a walk or going to the gym can motivate them to do something, too. Don’t write anything off as too small or insignificant.  

Use your influence for good. 

You have a community behind you

When you don’t talk about what you are going through on your weight loss journey, whether it is battling food cravings or lacking the motivation to exercise, you are trying to do it all yourself.


You are not in this alone. People in your life care and they have so much to offer you – support, encouragement, motivation, commiseration, knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, and so much more!

One of the most influential parts of my own weight loss journey is when I joined the Red Faced Runners, a group of food bloggers that joined together to go from couch to 5k. We all lived in different places, but we used a hashtag to share our training runs, healthy meals, struggles, and successes.

Running is probably the healthiest habit in my life and I owe it all to the support and encouragement of that group!

Don’t let guilt and shame hold you back from a life of victory and freedom. You have access to all kinds of resources in your life – use them! Let others walk alongside you, not as perfect people with flawless lives, but instead being broken together and helping and encouraging each other in every way you know how. Leaning on others not only improves your health, but more importantly, makes your relationships deeper and more meaningful. 

Live Out Loud

It’s not just about not hiding what your weight loss journey. It’s about embracing your life and living it to the fullest! When you are carrying that embarrassment and shame all the time, it dampens your joy, makes you second guess peoples’ affection for you, and lets doubt define your life.

When you make healthy living something that actually brings you joy instead of something you “have” to do out of obligation or drudgery, it changes your entire outlook.

When you stop letting those insecurities call the shots, it gives you the freedom to do the things you enjoy – sign up for that salsa dancing class, go on that hike with your friends, bike to work, or play tag with your grandchildren without that nagging voice in your head telling you not to even try it because you’ll just be too slow, too weak, too fat. Those lies don’t get to call the shots anymore.

Joy is right in front of you in life – reach out and grab it! Take responsibility for your choices and use that power for good. Choose to do things that bring you happiness and are good for you, too. Post your healthy dinners and workouts on Facebook (yes, I completely support that habit), start a blog, tell your story.

Stop hiding your weight loss journey and start living

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