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Come join our free 4-Week Back to Fitness Challenge for a faith-focused way to build realistic healthy changes into your life.

My niece is already in her second week back to school (how is it possible that summer is over already?!). She always comes home exhausted the first week or so of school starting as she adjusts to the new schedule and demands on her time (2nd grade homework is much different than 1st grade homework, you know!).

It’s just that time of year. 

Schedules are shifting, the weather is changing, and it’s really easy to slip away from focusing on your health.

Which makes it the perfect time to join our free, 4-week Back to School Fitness Challenge!

Sara (from The Holy Mess) and I have teamed up to create a pretty awesome challenge to help you kick off the school year on a healthy foot.

There are no drastic diets or fitness regimens. We are all about faith-focused, realistic changes to help you lose weight and build a healthier lifestyle.

Take control of your health this school year and refocus on the things that are going to help you feel better, give you more energy, and take care of your body and soul. It means bringing God into your weight loss journey and getting back to the basics of the healthy habits that you know you should be doing, but just can’t seem to get yourself to actually do them.

That’s the other HUGE benefit of this challenge – you don’t have to do it alone.

We will be having a discussion for every week’s challenge in our Christian Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, and Fitness Facebook group, so come join for some extra encouragement, motivation, and accountability!

Sara and I have both lost 100 pounds and kept it off, so we understand the struggle. Bring your questions and struggles and we will help you in whatever way we can. Between the two of us, we have a whole lot of weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise tips!

Can’t wait to see you there!