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  1. Laura
    HI~I love your recipes they are a great hit with the kids! I was wondering if you had a recipe idea for granola bars? Or lunch box snacks for the kids?!Reply
    • Becky
      Thank you so much, Laura! I don't have a recipe for granola bars posted yet, but they're on my list to make soon! And a lot of the bite sized food on here would be fun lunch box snacks for kids - pizza quinoa bites, mac & cheese bites, twice baked potato bites, and even veggie pizza would make a good snack! I'll try to get more up soon!Reply
  2. Karen
    "The Rents" - Becky you are well on your way to becoming your parents. We have sadly just said goodbye to my father-in-law who passed away on July 3. I met him when I was 15 and he introduced me to his son. We have been married for 35 years and he certainly passed on wonderful family values to his son. We are remembering exactly all those things that him and my MIL did for us over the years, and I know we will do the same for our family. XReply
    • Becky
      Thank you so much, Karen! I'm so sorry you lost your father-in-law this month, but it sounds like he sure lived his life well.Reply
  3. Roberta Henrion
    Hi Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the quinoa bite recipes I love them all!! These are such a treat to make and they always turn out great. I tell everyone about these recipesReply
    • Becky
      You are so welcome, Roberta! That is so kind of you to say and thank you for spreading the word!Reply
  4. Summer
    Hi, my friend sent me a link to your quinoa bits. I've been on a gluten free diet for 15 years and just feel in love with the recipe. I haven't had a chance to make it yet but can't wait. I noticed you like to make different things out of quinoa so I wanted to share a dish with you that was a big hit and my daughter's birthday. I'm known to cook very big for their birthdays so I wanted to introduce quinoa into my friend's lives. It's simple. I'm Italian so I never measure, just to taste. I use fresh mozzarella cheese, cut it up into small pieces, cut up tomatoes and thinly slice cucumber, if you want to add meat, Genoa salami is my meat of choice, red onions and quinoa. I make a fresh pesto and mix that in with some Italian dressing. It's so nice and refreshing on a hot day. Your website is awesome. Thanks for posting all those great recipes. I can't wait to start cooking. :)Reply
    • Becky
      Hi Summer! Thank you so much for the quinoa idea - it sounds delicious! I love Genoa salami, so that sounds like the perfect addition to me! Can't wait to try it! Thanks again!Reply

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