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I’m really, really excited about my main New Year’s resolution this year!  I’m always trying to come up with new ways to connect with people and show them that I care.  I think I’ve been missing a glaringly obvious opportunity!


That’s right.  You may be a card writer already.  Most people I know are great card senders.  I, however, never have been.  I would try, from time to time, to send a thank you card or a sporadic birthday card, but I’ve never been consistent.  Looking back, it just seems rude to see how many cards and small gifts people have sent to me and me only responding with a quick “thank you!” over text or on Facebook.  I have been super lame.

That is all going to change this year!  I have our new and funky address labels on their way, along with a variety of different birthday, get well, and thank you cards.  I’ve already given quite a few thank you cards out and it’s still the first week of January!

Honestly, it’s not just about the cards.  Another goal of mine is to deepen my prayer life.  I need to be praying more often.  And my hope is that while I write each card, I’ll pray for the card recipient.  I want to be lifting up their joys and heartaches and just remembering the people who are important to me in my daily life. 

I also want to deepen my relationships with people.  I have no expectations for getting cards myself.  My goal is to give to others – give compliments, kind words, encouragement, and most importantly, time.  I think so highly of so many people in my life and I rarely tell them how much they mean to me.  There is a ton of Scripture that mentions being an encouragement to others and I’m really hoping I will be able to do that through cards!

I’m also hoping to pay more attention to the little things.  If someone posts that they’re sick on Facebook, I want to send them a get well card.  I want to know people’s needs.  If I can meet them, I sure want to try and do so!  If I can’t, at least I can be praying and hopefully give them a few positive and hopefully uplifting words. 

I want to become more organized, with birthdays written into the calendar and cards ready to send out before the date arrives.  I love planning ahead and this is an area that is so easy to do that!  Birthdays are pretty set in stone, so I have no excuse!  😉

So, if I have your address and I know it’s your birthday, I want to send you a card (and if I don’t know your address and/or your birthday and you want an extra card, give me your info!).  If I know you’re having a hard week, I want to encourage you. 

I’m really hoping I can make this resolution stick, because I am really excited about it!