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Guess what?!

Quinoa Pizza Bites : So Very Blessed

My Quinoa Pizza Bites recipe was featured in a slideshow on the Reader’s Digest website! Reader’s Digest!! I am beyond thrilled and I kinda feel famous. I mean, my mom reads the Reader’s Digest. Even though my recipe is on the website, not in the magazine, it still feels like an achievement of massive proportions.

30 Day Shred : So Very Blessed

I’m in the midst of the 30 Day Shred. More on that soon!


Out of nowhere, the dogs have decided they’re in the paper destroying business. There’s no proof leading us to believe it’s one or both of them, because they only do it while we’re gone, but paper is no longer safe in our house. Hide yo’ documents.


I baked my first gender reveal cake last weekend. Well, I technically baked it 3 times because they weren’t turning out like I wanted them to, so I kept remaking them. Daniel went out to buy me eggs at midnight, because he loves me and supports my insanity.

But baking this cake for one of my best friends? So rewarding.

Being the only person to know the gender until the cake was cut? So hard. Keeping secrets is serious business, but as they cut into the cake and the blue Sixlets started pouring out, there were few dry eyes in the room. That moment will be etched into my memory forever.

There was a line in this week’s sermon when my pastor said something to the effect of : people are always searching for peace, hoping to do something to bring that to their lives, but often peace comes from letting go. I’m dwelling on that a lot this week.  This control freak has a lot of things to let go of.

And I’m “attending” an online blog conference this week, which is the most convenient thing ever! I can read articles between classes and take my time going through the material to get everything I can out of the information, but on my schedule. I didn’t have to take personal days or pay travel expenses. It. is. awesome.

I hope you are having a fantastic week! 3 more work days until Fall break! Yipee!