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Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting. No forbidden foods. Learn to enjoy healthy eating that fits your tastes.

Custom Fit Your Life

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter solution in weight loss. Find out what works for your unique body and lifestyle to build a healthy life you love living.

More Grace

Stop letting shame beat you down and replace it with God’s grace in your life. You’ll be amazed at the freedom you find – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Meet Becky

Hey there! My name is Becky Lehman. I am an ACE-certified health coach and personal trainer and So Very Blessed is my cozy little corner of the internet where I share my 100-pound weight loss journey, healthy living tips, and encouragement for faithful living. I have found freedom in Christ by building a healthy lifestyle that I absolutely love, one small change at a time, and I am passionate about helping others do the same!

You can read about my weight loss journey here.

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Judgement-Free Community

Come join us, just as you are.

You belong.

  • Connect with other Christian women learning to live healthier lives by sharing their tips, tricks, recipes, struggles, and successes along the way.
  • Connect with Becky to get your weight loss questions answered, along with the extra support of prayer and grace-filled encouragement.
Christ-Centered Encouragement

It’s easy to find diets that focus on healthy eating and exercising, but it’s just as important to be feeding your soul regularly. Here, we tie practical healthy living tips to the truth of God’s Word to give your weight loss journey a greater purpose.

She Did What She Could : So Very Blessed
One Small Change

It’s hard to make exercise and healthy eating a part of your normal life. You don’t have to live a life of deprivation to be happy & healthy. I can show you how to completely transform your life and your health, one small change at a time.


Life is not easy. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we can use to empower, encourage, and equip each other through the ups and downs of life and I want to be praying for you. Whether it’s a struggle in your weight loss journey, your sister having surgery, or you are just feeling really down today, there is a place for you to share prayer requests and I pray through every single one. 

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