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Due to a (long) series of (very) unfortunate events, the site has been completely down or entirely screwed up for over 3 weeks now. It was painful. I’ve had this blog for almost a decade and not having any access to it at all had me experiencing major withdrawals! Headaches. Nausea. Light-headedness. It wasn’t pretty. But thanks to some major behind the scenes help from Katie (who blogs over at Clarks Condensed), we’re now back up and running!

Let’s see…since you’ve been gone:

– I ran another 5k. Oh yeah…and decided to train for a half marathon (eek!). It may have been a moment of temporary insanity, but I’m really hoping I can actually do it!

The Graffiti Run : So Very Blessed– I had a lovely, relaxing, and warm Thanksgiving, surrounded by people I love.

Thanksgiving 2014 : So Very Blessed– I decorated for Christmas, which transformed my living room into a twinkling haven of holiday moose.

Christmoose : So Very Blessed– and…the cowboy and I broke up. Dating is hard. And wonderful. And heart wrenching.

– and then I baked. And ran. And spent a lot of time in my happy place (AKA Laurie’s living room),

Christmas : So Very BlessedThe place my phone disappears for a few minutes and mysteriously fills up with selfies…

Seflies : So Very BlessedThere is absolutely no denying that through all of the ups and downs, I undoubtedly love my life and all of the wacky (and oh-so-loving) people in it.