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I have TWO super exciting ways for you to build your healthy lifestyle starting October 1st. Who’s with me?

Can I just take a minute to tell you how excited I am about October this year?! There are two major things I’ve been working on and I am super excited about both of them!

#1 – Faithful Finish Lines

Sara and I have put together this AMAZING program for Christian Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, & Fitness. Both Sara and I have lost 100 pounds and believe in putting Christ at the center of your weight loss journey and we are passionate about helping women fight discouragement and build a healthy lifestyle that fits their tastes, preferences, and personalities.

We don’t give you a specific diet to follow (because chances are nobody will follow that long-term!). Instead, we walk you through weekly goals and give you doable action steps that fit into your life with fitness and healthy eating.

And the part I get most excited about is that this program is completely faith-based. That means it is full of prayers, Bible verses, encouragement, and most importantly, grace. And we have a community of Christian women that are going to walk through the program with you, so even if you don’t have a support system in your life right now, we have a safe, judgment-free place where you will fit right in.

We know how discouraging, daunting, and all-out frustrating losing weight can be. If you want that extra support, motivation, direction, and encouragement, read more about the program and see if it might be a good fit for you.

And we are offering a coupon for $25 off, but only if you register BEFORE October 1st! Just enter SAVE25 when you are checking out!

#2 РPlanktober РOctober Monthly Workout Challenge 

If you’ve read any of my healthy living posts, you know I’m a huge fan of the one small change approach to weight loss. I hate extreme plans that make you flip your life upside-down overnight because they just never work long-term.

One of the things that ALWAYS worked to get me motivated when I was working so hard to lose 100 pounds was monthly challenges. They just always seemed to doable and they took some of the overwhelm out of weight loss.

So, this month on my Facebook page, I am running a Planktober challenge! Don’t get intimidated. It doesn’t matter if you are a master of planks or have never done a plank before in your life, you can do this. This is a plank challenge for beginners, but fitness gurus could totally benefit, too!

I have put together a calendar of suggested times to hold your planks for every day of October. Now, don’t you dare get intimidated! I start the challenge with 20 seconds of holding a plank, but if you are trying your absolute best and you can only hold it for 10 seconds, then tweak the plan and start there instead!

The point of the challenge isn’t for you to follow my “formula”. It’s just to get you making one small change by adding planks into your life every day for a month and challenging you to push yourself and move forward in your fitness. So, if you start at 10 seconds, make sure you are still working to add a few seconds to that time throughout the month!

The goal of the month is intentional, consistent changes that challenge your body (& your mind!).

On the Facebook page, I will be sharing a whole mixture of different things throughout the month – live videos, plank modifications (some don’t even require you to be on the floor!), prayers, proper form, encouraging words, inspiration, and plenty of planking pictures of me (with Boots…because my border collie loves to keep me company & lick my face while I plank).

You can be as involved as you want to be in this challenge…but I really hope you are going all in with me because that is where you are going to really start feeling the changes and the support!

So, Facebook gives you all kinds of different options.

  1. You can simply like the Facebook page. Things might pop up in your newsfeed and they might not. Facebook’s algorithm is a mystery to me, so if you want to leave it to chance and maybe see some updates from time to time, then simply press “like” (where the maroon arrow is pointing).
  2. Where the pink arrow is pointing, you have more control over your options. You can choose to see my posts first in your newsfeed (that’s the one I recommend if you are going all in for Planktober!). You can also choose to unfollow or turn off all of the notifications.

And there are two awesome Christian plank t-shirts that I’m going to be wearing for extra inspiration throughout the month. If you want to join me, you can get yours by clicking on the one you want below! (They have all kinds of sizes and colors)

So, you can go ahead and download the Planktober calendar, follow the Facebook page however you wish, and start counting down until October 1st!