Today, I’m 100 pounds lighter than I was when I started my weight loss journey.

My story is not one of overnight success. I didn’t take a magic pill. My results were not from a fad diet or a product from an infomercial. My journey has been more like a roller coaster ride of trials, many errors, and a collection of small milestones along the way, eventually leading to more than I ever expected to gain.

I was an unhappy girl with no self-esteem, trapped beneath baggy t-shirt and stretchy jeans and desperate to lose weight to just be normal. I had no idea that it would turn into a journey of self-discovery, freedom, and finding joy.

Oh yeah, and 100-pound weight loss.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

Diets I Tried

Over many years of trying to lose weight, I tried a lot of different weight loss diets, programs, and even some gimmicks. I wish I had been blogging while I’d been on all of them, but I tried many of them when I was quite young, so there is no written record of my experience. Here are just a few of the many things I tried:

Growing Up Gaining (and gaining…and gaining…)

I was a cute kid.  A really, really cute kid (that’s me being cute in between my two older sisters)….until 1st grade.  That’s when I started to become the chubby kid.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

And then the fat kid (that’s me on the bottom right in the huge blue poncho). I don’t really know why I started overeating in the first place.

Maybe because I was a daddy’s girl and I wanted to keep up with his portions to be just like him. Maybe because I was stubborn and knew my mother wanted to eat healthily, so I rebelled by sneaking junk food. Maybe I just really loved food.

Whatever the reason, I started overeating and just couldn’t stop.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

I remember my grandmother making a comment once about how shocked she was that I could eat so many slices of pizza. And I remember feeling proud of being able to do so.

I loved junk food and would sneak into the kitchen late at night and find the unhealthiest food my mom had hiding in the kitchen…and I’d eat it all in one sitting, whether it was a box of Nutty Bars, a bag of chips, or some really delicious leftovers, I’d devour them.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

Food (more specifically, junk food) was a precious commodity to me. When it was there, I felt like it was a resource that could run out at any given time, so I had to eat it all as fast as possible before someone else dared to try it themselves and leave less for me. I was pretty much like Joey from Friends. “Becky does not share food!

Confession – sometimes I still feel like that.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

It’s not like I was ever deprived.

My mother was (and still is) a fantastic cook.  She always made a ton of flavorful, healthy, homemade meals, but I never appreciated them.

I was always begging for processed foods, prepackaged foods, and fast food.  I would have taken a Lunchable over a sandwich any day and wished I could live off of donuts, tater tots, and cupcakes. I vividly remember wishing someone would replace all water fountains with Kool-Aid fountains (fun fact – I didn’t start liking plain water until I was 27).

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

The Bullying

In middle school, I was teased.

I was called fat in the hallways.

I was called fat by random strangers who saw me helping my best friend deliver her paper route.

I was called fat by so-called friends not-so behind my back.

It hurt. A lot.

And I retreated inside myself even more, thinking if I was quiet and just flew under the radar, then I wouldn’t draw attention to myself and nobody would notice that I was fat. I ate in secret. Then I beat myself up for overeating, which drove me to eating even more. It’s really a vicious cycle that keeps you spiraling downward.

I was never able to wear any of the same clothes that my friends wore, because I couldn’t fit into girls’, or even teen, clothing.  I remember wearing a 24W as a 14-year-old. So, I dressed in the ever-so-fashionable stretchy jeans and super baggy t-shirt, believing that all of that excess fabric would hide all of my rolls.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

Exercise=The Bane of My Existence

In middle school, I played volleyball, which helped to keep my weight in check at least a little bit.  I loved the actual game and even made the A team, but I hated the running.  I was always the slowest, I always finished last, huffing and puffing, needing tons of walk breaks, even just during the warm-up laps.  I could block, bump, and spike like nobody’s business, but I remember always feeling second best because I was the girl who had to take the highest number of uniform because the numbers correlated to the size.  High number = big uniform.

It was like my weight was being announced to everyone (not that they couldn’t see it when they looked at me anyway).

I played tennis from my freshman through junior year of high school and, again, really enjoyed the sport, but abhorred the running.  Our coach was a middle-aged guy who could run circles around me.  The entire team would have finished their laps around the field, while I was still stumbling along next to the (also middle-aged) assistant coach, who I’m quite sure they sent in as an attempt to get me to run faster.


But because of the regular exercise, I did start losing some weight.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

The Dreaded Yo-Yo Dieting

In high school, the teasing had pretty much stopped, but I still felt as big as ever. It seemed like everyone around me was dating and I was convinced that if I just lost the weight, then guys would start to notice me. So, I was constantly trying to diet.

Emphasis on the trying.

I’d skip breakfast (always the brilliant way to lose weight – NOT), I’d make sure everyone could see that I was only eating bell pepper strips or half of a Slim Fast for lunch instead of the pizza offered at Key Club meetings, and I’d applaud myself when my stomach was rumbling in hunger, because, obviously, starvation=weight loss (face-palm).  But, those efforts were quite temporary, and the next day, I’d be with my friends at the food court eating a massive burrito for lunch (and sneaking cookies into my bedroom at night).

 The Freshman 15 In Reverse

When I went off to college in 2004, I was actually able to reverse the freshman 15.  Because the rec center was just across a field from my dorm, there was a time that I was going over there twice a day to swim or lift weights or hop on the elliptical and I was taking full advantage of the salad bar in the cafeteria.  I probably could have dropped a lot more weight, but I was still ordering late night pizza with my dorm-mates and keeping our room’s mini fridge stocked with cookie dough and soda.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

When I moved out of the dorms and off campus (away from the rec center) the next year, I slowly started gaining weight back.  I’d exercise occasionally and kind of try to watch what I ate, but I didn’t really know how to cook, so I mostly stuck with boxed options. Macaroni and cheese and Hamburger Helper are not the ideal meals for weight loss and after I’d regained those pounds, they stayed.

And stayed.

Until late 2007.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

The Opposite Extreme

That year, I fell in love. We dated, we got engaged, and then he was deployed, and I lived in a constant state of stress.

I drifted to the other extreme of unhealthy weight loss.

I was miserable. I thought worrying was the only thing I could offer at that point and since I couldn’t control what was going on overseas, I decided to control my eating.  I was living alone and, for most that year, I probably ate between 500-800 calories a day.

I was hungry a lot, not exercising at all, had no energy, and my stomach was constantly in knots, but I lost 40 pounds, bringing me down to 160. That was the lightest I’d been since I could remember (literally.  I obviously had to have been 160 pounds at some point in my life as I was gaining the weight, but I have no idea when that was).

I thought skinny meant healthy, but even though I was finally a normal weight, I was FAR from healthy at that point.

I started buying smaller clothes and noticing that things fit me so much better, but it was short-lived.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

Unhealthy Relationship, Unhealthy Body

The deployment ended, he came home, and we got married. I was ready for a blissful honeymoon stage, but it was not a happy or a healthy marriage.

We a lot of fast food, rarely exercised because we were glued to our TV and computer screens, and the stress of the constant conflict between us was nearly unbearable (especially for this people-pleasing, peace-loving girl!), so I started gaining the weight back quickly.

And then I kept gaining.

And gaining.

Until January 2012.  I was 194 pounds and was terrified of creeping back up into the 200’s.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

I’ll Exercise…In Secret.

So, I joined a gym.

I was really only comfortable using the elliptical. I was too scared to try any of the classes offered and the weight machines were just intimidating. Gym people always seem to know what they’re doing and I just…didn’t. I didn’t feel like I fit anywhere and I especially didn’t want people to see my gym inadequacy, so I spent a lot of time in the cardio movie room, where all of the lights are dimmed and they projected movies onto a screen in front of the cardio equipment.

I tried a personal trainer for awhile and hated it.

A person watching me exercise was. the. worst.

Mostly because I was so weak that I struggled with a lot of the exercises she gave me and as sweet as this girl was, she continuously expressed how surprised she was at how little I could lift/push/squat/whatever else. Even though I was still 55 pounds less than my heaviest, I felt completely inadequate and just wanted to hide.

So, I ditched the gym and the trainer for workouts that I could do myself at home.

That’s when I decided to start running.

Yes, running.

You know, that thing I told you I hated with a passion?  The bane of my existence?  The killer of my self-esteem?  That.  I looked it in the metaphorical face and embraced it (sticking to side streets with few spectators, mind you).

One step at a time.  One gasping breath at a time.  In June 2012, I ran my first 5k (even though my mother beat me. Totally embarrassing.).

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

The Year Everything Changed

After a rough start to the year with a devastating divorce, 2014 became one of the most influential years of my life.

That was the year that all of the pieces of healthy habits that I had been building over the years finally fell into place.

Running had started to give me confidence. I didn’t feel like hiding anymore. I still didn’t want all of the attention drawn to me, but I dabbled in a variety of exercises that year and was always working on something to keep myself healthy.

I tried Zumba and cardio kickboxing classes, which majorly pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed immensely! An instructor talked to me after class and asked me my story and recommended I look into teaching fitness. I was so flattered, but just put that into the back of my mind.

I did some yoga, some pilates, and some Jillian Michaels videos. I used my Fitbit all year, which really motivated me to move more throughout the day. I took my border collie Boots for more walks, I parked farther away from stores, I walked the long way around whenever I could – anything to get up to my 10,000 steps! I ran off and on when I felt like it (and sometimes when I didn’t) and ended up running six 5ks.

Outside of exercise, my confidence was building, too. Instead of just helping out with slides in our church services, I joined the worship team and started singing in front of our congregation every week.

I dated. I left my teeny tiny comfort zone and went on adventures. I started striking up conversations with neighbors and people in the grocery store. I was officially done hiding from people, and I was finally, after 27 years, starting to believe my worth as a child of God.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

Oh, How I Love Food (Apparently Healthy Food, Too! Who Knew?)

The other thing that happened in 2014 is that my tastes started to change. I have always been a lover of all things fried and junk food-like. As a single person, I had the freedom to stock my cabinets and fridge with whatever foods I wanted.

I started the year buying all of the chocolate and chips and frozen prepared foods that I love and I quickly found that those weren’t the foods I wanted anymore. I still kept wide variety of chocolate in the house, but ate it sparingly.

Surprisingly, I wanted spaghetti squash, Greek yogurt, zucchini, baby spinach, quinoa, and fish. I’ve slowly warmed up to fish over the past 5ish years, but last year, I craved it and ate it often! And, unless I was meeting friends, I didn’t eat out.

I used to dream about Big Macs and Sonic’s tater tots and Freddy’s french fries and then when I actually had the freedom to go to those places whenever I wanted to, it turned out I really didn’t want to. I still eat Life Saver Gummies, chocolate, and french fries when I want to, but now, instead of a box of Nutty Bars (oh, how I love them!) disappearing in one night, they were lasting me a month or more.

Nothing was off limits to me and that actually was the key for me to eat everything in moderation.

As a result of all of those small changes in my healthy eating and exercise, I dropped 30 pounds that year.

And I’ve kept it off ever since. No more dieting. No more forcing myself to go through the motions. Now, those healthy habits are just my normal, a normal I happen to absolutely love living. I eat what I love, I have energy and stamina to do the things I enjoy, and I just feel good.

I was about 250 at my heaviest, which means over the years, I have now lost 100 pounds.My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

Even Though It’s About The Weight, It’s Not Really About The Weight

It’s really not even about my goal weight anymore.

It’s about freedom.

I’m doing things I never thought I was capable of. It’s about being healthy and active and taking care of myself so that I can build the life I want to live. It’s about chasing my niece and nephew and running 5ks with my friends.

It’s about seizing the day, instead of trying to hide, hoping no one will notice me. It’s about being confident in who I’ve become and embracing both my strengths and my weaknesses. Instead of being scared to try new things, I’m eager to take advantage of new experiences. It’s about making good choices most of the time when it comes to both movement and nutrition, but not being a slave to counting calories or forbidding foods from my diet.

I would never have believed it if you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be the girl choosing salmon and barley over a burger and french fries, but I did just that the other night.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

Breaking Free

I ran my first half marathon in 2015, and that was when I decided that I wanted to somehow share the tools and lessons (and many, many mistakes) that I have learned through my own journey, so I earned my personal trainer’s certification and my health coaching certification.

I now offer programs (along with my partner Sara from The Holy Mess who has also lost 100 pounds!) to women stuck in their own weight loss journey, in that cycle of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating, find freedom in Christ by building a healthy lifestyle, one small change at a time.

My weight loss journey has been so much bigger than 100 pounds. It gave me freedom and such a deep joy. It improved my relationships. It boosted my confidence. It changed my life into one that I am madly in love with living.

And now, I want to pass that on to others. I want you to know that, no matter what your starting place is, you can find that freedom, too.

As a follower of Christ, you have the power of God on your side, so no matter how impossible or hopeless your situation seems, I can assure you there is a world of hope and possibility waiting for you.

Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you and help you take the first step.

You can lose the weight and live a healthier life, no matter how far away you feel from that goal right now. One step, one small change at a time, transform your life. You can do this! Start right now.

My Weight Loss Journey: So Very Blessed - The story of how I lost 100 pounds, kept it off, and fell madly in love with my life.

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  • Ashley says:
    This is my first time to your blog, I found it when googling "Instant Pot Weight loss". Reading your story, it was like reading my own biography, seriously its scary lol. I am so glad you have found a healthy balance. I struggle working as a nurse with crazy shift hours, a hubby working crazy shift hours and a toddler (who eats healthier than I do thanks to gerber organic food pouches - meanwhile i'm polishing off the bag of krispy kreme kruellers haha), - I HATE cooking/meal planning. My struggle is real with needing stupid easy but healthy recipes. Your story is inspiring because I feel like we could be soul sisters haha and I have hope that i can learn to cook and eat better not only for myself but for my hubby and baby.
    • Becky says:
      Hi Ashley! Lol! I love that we could be soul sisters! Both my sister and my brother-in-law are nurses and those nursing hours are just insane...and adding a toddler to the mix makes for a crazy schedule, I'm sure! So for stupid easy but healthy recipes, I highly recommend Once A Month Meals ( They have Instant Pot plans and so many of them are just dump and go recipes (and lots of other easy, healthy non-IP meals, too). And honestly? For me, frozen vegetables are a lifesaver. If I'm putting energy into cooking a main dish, I don't want to put much time into prepping sides too, so my freezer always has a ton of steamer bags of various veggies. Also, one pot/one pan/one skillet meals are awesome. I love throwing potatoes, baby carrots (no chopping necessary), and smoked turkey sausage onto a sheet pan with a little bit of oil and garlic & herb seasoning and roasting it all. The less I have to think, the better! I'm so glad my story could give you a little inspiration. If I can do it, you absolutely can too. Thanks so much for your comment!
  • Sharon says:
    I loved reading your story and how you have found true peace. You look amazing and so happy. Congratulations to you on your success of finding true freedom.
    • Becky says:
      Thank you so much for your kind words, Sharon! I am definitely happy these days and feel a million times better!
  • Karen says:
    I'm struggling with fitness due to chronic pain and fatigue. Any suggestions?
    • Becky says:
      Hi Karen! I haven't dealt with chronic pain and fatigue myself, so my experience is pretty limited in that area. I would encourage you to move however you can without overdoing it. There is a woman who is going through this herself who talk about that here ( and there are all kinds of gentle workouts available. There is a bed workout here ( and more workout suggestions here ( I hope that helps!
      • Cindy says:
        Great Job on your weight loss. I would like to document my journey... I need to lose about 125 lbs.
        • Becky says:
          Thank you so much, Cindy! You should absolutely document your journey! It makes such a big difference to have people to cheer you on and especially for you to have those pictures to look back on your journey. You can do it, one small change at a time. If you decide to document your journey on a blog or social media, please share it with me. I'd love to cheer you on!
  • Amanda says:
    Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm a mother of 5 and I homeschool. I'm 39 and 40 pounds overweight. I've never been over weight and I'm struggling. I emotionally eat all day, everyday and my weight just keeps creeping up. I've hoped the Lord would tell me to fast so maybe I'd lose weight but He knows that's not the right heart and so do I. I've been praying for something to stand out, something that will help me desire to make a change. I've been feeling lost and hopeless. After reading your blog here, I'm crying and praying because I feel like this might be my answer to prayer. I stumbled upon your story accidentally and I'm finding myself feeling the Lord all over it. Thank you! Through praying now, tears and not believing in myself because I ALWAYS fail, I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe this might be the time. Thank you!
    • Becky says:
      Hi Amanda! I promise you, you are NOT hopeless. You can do this! One small change at a time. Every decision matters and those small things add up so quickly. Feel free to send me an email and we can talk more and I may be able to give you more specific guidance, but for now, just know that you can do this. If God can take a junk food-loving, couch potato like me and turn me into a veggie-loving runner, I promise He can transform your life (and your heart), too!
  • Meloni Simpson says:
    Wow, sharing your journey has encouraged me. I have been overweight since middle school (junior high was what they called it in my day). I have been on many diets, while some worked, some didn't. I know that I need to get my weight off to improve my health (diabetes) and just to look and feel better. I appreciate your thoughts on losing weight and I am very thankful that you include God in your journey. Thank you for your help in getting me on track. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Hope your day is blessed.
    • Becky says:
      Thank you so much for your sweet words, Meloni (LOVE that spelling of your name, by the way!). I just said a quick prayer for you and hope that you find the tips, guidance, and encouragement you're looking for here!
  • Lost and don't know says:
    I Love your story. It is so inspiring. I often feel I can't lose. But it is the other weight that is getting to me. Year's ago I did something that left me with a felony. I am THANKFUL I do have a job. But we always wish for more. I do t have a automobile. But reading your story again gives me HOPE.
    • Becky says:
      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I definitely understand that feeling where you just don't know that you can do it, especially when you have bigger things going on in your life. I am so thankful you have a job! I'm not sure if you are able to, but not having a vehicle may be the perfect way to lose weight while doing practical things - walking to work, the grocery store, friends' houses, etc. I know sometimes that's not possible, but you CAN do it! Let me know if you need more specific suggestions and we can talk through some possibilities that may fit your life. Good for you, fighting through the struggles of life. In Him, we are overcomers, and you are living that out daily!
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  • Dawny Tea Drinker says:
    Hi Becky, First of all I'd like to say well done to you. You've worked so hard and you should be proud. It reminded my of my youth, up until I reached the age of 30 I struggled with weight, or more precisely, my body image. Then as I got older, something clicked in me and I focused on health and happiness rather than 'losing weight'. It was my 'eureka moment'. The rest took care of itself. I've been 'fat, fit and happy', and I've been 'slim, unfit and miserable'. I've always been happiest when active and healthy regardless of my size, the weight follows. Wishing you lots of luck. Keep up the good work. Dawny.
  • Kate says:
    Wow, your story is inspiring. I used to be twig skinny, but once I hit my teen years, I gained weight. Now I am overweight! Whenever I try to lose weight, something always comes up. How did you get over the cravings for junk food? And how do you keep motivated???
    • Becky says:
      Thank you so much, Kate! I'm not over the cravings for junk food! I try not to keep very much snack food in the house, because between-meal snacking is really my downfall, but I also don't deprive myself. I always have Nutty Bars in my fridge, because I just love 'em. I also keep almonds, honey wheat pretzels, and hummus on hand for my salty cravings, I just really watch myself on the portion sizes. The other huge change in my eating was cutting out fast food. Those calories add up fast and I've found that I really don't miss it. I prefer to splurge on an occasional nicer meal out than on more frequent fast food visits. And my motivation is people! I have a friend that goes to almost all of my gym classes with me, so I look forward to going just so I can see her! I found running buddies who go to races with me, so running a 5k is actually fun(ish) and it's more of a social experience than physical torture. And my Fitbit helps me to be more conscious of my movement on a daily basis. I don't know why, but those silly little flashing lights make me want to get my 10,000 steps in everyday!
  • Rachel says:
    I don't quite know how to put this, but my jaw was dropped throughout the entirety of this post. Your life story outside of having a husband is nearly identical to mine!! I was a cute kid, and then I was overweight throughout my childhood, I attempted dieting in the same way (mine was carrots though, not bell pepper strips), I played volleyball and then tennis, I lost weight in college, I hated running with a passion and then started running. I'm now 23, still quite overweight and attempting to lose it. I was kind of in a rut, upset because I have gained almost all the weight that I've lost back. But you have given me so much hope. Thank you so so much for posting your story. I'm still a little in shock at how similar our lives are. Thanks again.
    • Rachel says:
      Oh and I too grew up in a home where my mother made healthy food, but I chose to be a junk food junkie. Still stunned by all of this. Anyway, aside from all of that, you look fantastic. Congratulations on your weight loss!
    • Becky says:
      Thank you so much, Rachel! You're right - it's crazy how similar our stories are! Don't give up. If I can do it, you can absolutely do it!
  • abby cryer says:
    Hi im 13 and I was hoping I could get some tips on how to stay healthy and lose weight while im still young so I can grow up fit and healthy
    • Becky says:
      Hi Abby! I think it's wonderful that you want to get and stay healthy! Good for you! I wish I had some miracle advice and I do want to clarify that I'm not a doctor so this advice is purely coming from my own experience, but I'm probably just going to be repeating what everybody else already says! Eat healthy. Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Try to limit the junk food, but also don't make it off-limits for yourself, because that may just make you want to eat it more! Stay active. Try to find things you like doing, so that you enjoy and look forward to exercise, whether that's a sport or running or yoga or going on long walks. And do things to work on your self-confidence. A lot of people believe that you gain confidence after you reach your goal of losing weight, but I found that it was when I started having a better self-esteem that I lost the most weight! Good luck, Abby! Keep me updated!
  • Shauna says:
    Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds alot like my journey with weight. You are a brave young woman. We had the quinoa pizza bites and they were delicious. I have celiac disease and love coming across great gluten free recipes. My brother stopped by and tried one and he even liked it. That is a great compliment as he thinks every thing I make is "freaky hippy food"
  • Meri says:
    Just came across your site. Way to go to chick. I hope you get to your goal :) I'm a yo-yoer as well. Gain weight, lose weight. Hard to juggle life and keep your weight on track. Good on you for never giving up :)
  • Jenny Jenkins says:
    I am so proud of you buddy! Keep it up! You rock!
  • Dani Hansen says:
    Hey girl, just dropping by to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your honesty. I'm sure you'll reach your goal, determined as you are. :D
  • Tahnycooks says:
    I just read your weight loss journey post. You are an awesome and inspiring young lady! Keep up the great work! Love your blog!
  • Rachel says:
    I can completely relate to your struggles with weight. At times, I almost felt like I was reading my own story. Take out the college dorm stuff and throw in 2 jobs, one of them at a gym, and add a baby and I'd say our stories are pretty similar. My husband is deployed now, and I started running (did my first 5K 10 days ago). I'm down a solid 15 lbs in 2 months... and I haven't even been strict with my "diet". Keep running, girl! You can do it! :)
  • Lauren says:
    Hi Becky! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your website! As a 23 year old trying to make it on my own, and staying healthy-your recipes are wonderful! Your quinoa recipes are the only ones my boyfriend will eat... so THANK YOU! You're really keeping both he and I on a good, healthful track :)
    • Becky says:
      Thank you so much, Lauren! Staying healthy is SO hard when you're trying to prioritize and balance out the rest of life's demands, but it thrills me to hear that your boyfriend likes my quinoa recipes! I got really lucky when I was testing out ways to eat quinoa. It's one of the few health foods my husband will eat! Good luck to you and your boyfriend - keep me updated! :-)
  • Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, very good blog!