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Fighting the Enemy As A Peacemaker

Here’s how you can become a meek and mighty Christian warrior, fighting the enemy as a gentle peacemaker with these powerful weapons.

Becoming A Meek & Mighty Christian Warrior

I am not a fighter. In fact, I am just about as harmonious as they come.

I will always choose peace over conflict. I prefer to talk things through and find common ground instead of aggravating those areas of differences. I would much rather try to see things through your eyes and show you empathy and compassion wherever you are right now than attacking those places where we can’t seem to see eye to eye.

I don’t (usually) get riled up by reckless drivers who cut me off in traffic, persistent telemarketers who call without ceasing and try to insist on keeping me on the phone, or heated debates on religion and politics in my Facebook feed.

After all, the Bible calls us to be peacemakers, right?

But there is one exception – the enemy.

I am not now, and will never be, at peace with the enemy. I may be harmonious in most of my day-to-day life, but he does not get to enter my life without a fight.

Who Are You Fighting Against?

I will fight the enemy all day long. Well, as soon as I recognize him, that is (he can be pretty sneaky). 

He is kind of like that little kid who destroys the living room, disappears, and then his unsuspecting sister gets blamed for all of his damage.

The enemy would much rather we think we are fighting against our spouse, our kids, our co-workers, or even our insecurities rather than him.

Because when we know it’s him, it changes our entire battle plan. 

Instead of targeting our attack on the people in our lives and destroying our relationships, we can shift the target to the enemy’s back and destroy any power he has tried to gain over our lives.

When I see him infecting my relationships with his lies and I hear his voice infiltrating my thoughts and drowning out God’s Truths, I know that I need to take action.

And I get mad. 

Normally, I try to soothe my anger and muster up self-control to keep a level head, but there’s no playing around when you’re talking about messing with hearts and souls.

Sitting around and waiting for the situation to resolve itself is not an option.

Arm Yourself With the Right Weapons

Walking into a battle against the enemy armed with traditional weapons is pointless.

The most skilled warrior of all time could come toe-to-toe with him and not stand a chance because bullets, punches, and impressive ninja moves aren’t even going to faze him.

I always picture David when I think of fighting the enemy. Here’s this little dude with a rock surrounded by muscly, heavily armed soldiers, and God chose the underdog to prevail.

If God can empower David to defeat Goliath, then He can do the same for me, even though all I can bring Him is faith the size of a mustard seed and incredibly weak arms.

It’s a mental battle that is very worth fighting.

So, I get serious about pulling on the Armor of God, one piece at a time:

  • The belt of truth – knowing what I believe about God and His character
  • The breastplate of righteousness – living a life of integrity, honesty, and humility
  • The gospel of peace – making sure my relationship with God is nurtured always, keeping my at peace with Him, even if nothing else in my life is peaceful
  • The shield of faith – choosing to believe & stand on His promises in every situation
  • The helmet of salvation – knowing that Jesus’ work on the cross was and is enough
  • The word of the Spirit – filtering every word, thought, and action through the Bible

God has fully equipped us to stay firmly rooted in him, but we have to take the action to use them. It doesn’t do us any good to get angry and then just sit there and stew about it.

When the enemy I will fiercely fight for the ones that I love. When I see him beating down my friends and family with the lies and disharmony and insecurities convincing them that God is not enough that they are worries are bigger than he is, that’s when I put on my armor, pull out the sword and fight back fiercely & intently.

One of the most powerful ways we can channel those weapons and fight is in prayer.

I have a section in my planner solely devoted to prayer requests. I journal every day often praying for others in my life. I ask blog readers to email me their prayer requests. I talk to friends regularly trying to stay on top of those struggles and triumphs in their lives so that I can soak their situations in prayer as well.

There are so many things I can’t change in this life. I can’t cure cancer, I can’t solve everyone’s financial difficulties, and I can’t fix disabilities or mental illness.

But I can pray.

I can take the time to prioritize others’ needs, lifting them up before the Lord, and be warding off the enemy’s work in their lives and their hearts. I can fight for their relationships and our relationships.

And it’s a worthwhile fight.

In prayer, bitterness softens, forgiveness flourishes, and peace reigns.

It’s a powerful thing, the power of prayer.

And them’s fighting words.

A type of fight this peacemaker will readily walk into, backed by the strength of my Savior.

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I am a lover, not a fighter in almost every area of my life, but when it comes to fighting the enemy as a peacemaker, there are powerful tools for you to use.