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My 5k Christian Music Running Playlist

This is some of my favorite Christian workout music in an upbeat 5k running playlist to keep me energized on race day and during my at-home workouts.

The day of my very first 5k, I was convinced I had everything ready. I had trained and read everything I could to properly prep for my first race. I was a bundle of nerves and excitement and I was pumped to do this hard thing that I’d never been able to do before.

At the time, I was using an app that both tracked my pace and played my music. I had cued it up the exact same way that I had done for every single training run before that (there were a lot of them).

The race started and a quarter of a mile in, the app went rogue.

It was spouting off numbers like, “One mile complete. Best time at 3 minutes 15 seconds. Two miles complete. Average pace 2 minutes, 37 seconds.” (Yeah, no.)

And all of a sudden, my carefully created, strategically handpicked beats turned to silence. I tried to fix it, but I was using an armband that made it awkward to fiddle with, so I eventually gave up and ran the rest of the race listening to the people around me.

My energy tanked, my pace slowed, and I ended up walking far more than I should have/needed to, simply because my music wasn’t helping to pump me up.

My mom beat me.

That was the day I realized how influential a race playlist is! I’ve compared my paces and moods running with and without music, and also with upbeat music versus peaceful, relaxing music. There was a huge difference in my times and my emotions!

Sometimes I like running to be a relaxing break from my hectic days (in those times, I listen to my “Relaxation” station on Pandora), but most of the time, I want to be energized!

The problem I ran into is a lot of the most energizing songs are far from appropriate and I really don’t like workout remixes. I don’t listen to Christian music exclusively, but I am pretty intentional about the lyrics I want running through my head (because they repeat over and over again, long after the song is over!).

I want my thoughts filled with motivation and encouragement, not anger, bitterness, and resentment, so I created my 5k Christian music playlist.

It took me a while to track down enough songs I actually liked to create it, but they’re all happy, positive, and uplifting, and they definitely add a spring to my step!

My 5k Christian Music Running Playlist : So Very Blessed - Having good, clean music is vital for me on race day! This upbeat and uplifting playlist is perfect for keeping your energy up as you run your 5k!

I have 11 songs on this playlist for a total of 38 minutes, but you can always add or take away depending on what you need for your pace!

Christian Workout Music

Shake – MercyMe (3:14)
#putyourloveglasseson – Beckah Shae (3:32)
Good Morning – Mandisa (3:24)
Dive – Stephen Curtis Chapman (3:58)
I Refuse – Josh Wilson (3:38)
Let Go – Barlow Girl (2:59)
Move (Keep Walkin’) – Toby Mac (3:42)
Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful – Insyderz (2:29)
New Lease On Life – MercyMe (3:02)
Do Something – Matthew West (4:37)
Alive – Rebecca St. James (3:21)

This list is always changing with my tastes and new song choices, but it’s served me well this year!

What songs pump you up while you’re working out? 


Wednesday 16th of November 2022

Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been looking for some high energy music and this is great!

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