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Sure, all of us want to build a healthy lifestyle, but do you actually want it badly enough to shake yourself out of your usual habits and routines and change your life?

I get it. I promise. I’m not the biggest fan of change.

Actually, when I first started dieting, I truly believed that if I could just change my life for 30 days or 60 days (or however long that particular diet plan lasted) and lose the weight, then I could go right back to living exactly the way I’d been living before and somehow the weight would magically stay off.

I’m a pretty rational person and I’m not sure exactly why I believed that to be true, but I really did.

And then diet after diet after diet happened. I would lose some weight (though never as much as I wanted to!) and then I would go back to my normal….and that weight would just creep right back on. And usually a few extra pounds would follow. Ugh!

So, here is the obvious truth that should be common sense, but for some reason just isn’t….

Sure, all of us want to build a healthy lifestyle, but do you actually want it badly enough to shake yourself out of your usual habits and routines and change your life?

To change your life, your life has to change.

If you want your body to change, your habits need to shift. You can’t keep eating the same things you have been eating. You can’t keep not exercising and hoping that your body will magically just drop those extra 50 pounds that you’ve been carrying.

That’s not the way this works.

And temporary diets are simply not the answer. Sure, try them if you want to. There are some diets out there that can teach you a whole lot about proper portion control, filling your meals with the proper nutrients, and getting a handle on your snacking.

But don’t expect a 30-day diet to change your life. Even people on The Biggest Loser who have lost hundreds of pounds still fall into this trap.

The truth of the matter is, temporary changes don’t equal permanent results.

You know what does equal permanent results?

Lifelong changes.

Those decisions you make day in and day out that don’t necessarily feel life-altering. Actually, they can feel a bit pesky at times. It’s not that you are aiming for perfection here because goodness knows I surely don’t reach that unattainable goal! It’s that you are aiming for consistency, slowly weaving those healthy choices in again and again until they naturally become a part of your normal life.

  • It’s about making sure to add vegetables to your dinner, even though you may not feel like it that night.
  • It’s about opting for water instead of soda when you go out to eat, even though that Mountain Dew is beckoning you.
  • It’s about getting your shoes on and walking around the block for 10 minutes instead of using that time to browse Facebook, even though you know how good it would feel to plop onto the couch.
  • It’s about making time to go grocery shopping to have healthy foods in the kitchen so you don’t resort to eating out simply because it’s easier.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

Choosing those long term benefits over the short-term satisfaction doesn’t always feel good at the time.

I am saying it’s worth it. 

It’s worth it to keep working on changing those habits, even if you aren’t seeing instant results. It’s worth it to inconvenience yourself for the sake of a more fulfilling life. It’s worth it to say no to those things that sound good at the time (here’s looking at you, french fries) in favor of saying yes to those things that you really want (energy, health, to just feel good).

Again, I get it. I like my habits and routines and it can be really tough to break out of them. But, the question is, how badly do you want your life to change? How badly do you want to lose the weight?

You are the only one that can answer that question, but if it’s something you want, make the effort to change. One small change at a time. Start today. Start right now. Go for a walk. Fill up your water bottle. Fill your dinner with vegetables.

Don’t just go along with the flow of your life because it’s what you’re used to and it’s comfortable. Shake things up. Take back the power over your health and start transforming your life to shape a healthier you.

You can do it. 

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