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“I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!” <- The Elf quote that has gone through my mind about a million times this week.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

After a whirlwind week of Christmas festivities, getting a terrible stomach bug, and celebrating my 31st birthday, Adam proposed (spoiler: I said yes) and made this the best December ever!

Adam and I have been dating for just over 10 months (our first date was on Valentine’s Day!) and I couldn’t be more excited to be his fiance!

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

The Build-Up

We’ve been talking about marriage for a few months now and I was over-the-moon excited when Adam told me he’d asked for my dad’s permission on a trip to our family cabin at the beginning of November.

My dad happily granted him permission and promptly told him what a handsome father-in-law he’d be gaining (yup. He really said that. I love my father!).

A week or so after he’d talked to my dad, he was telling our small group friend, Lane, about the conversation and Lane said, “Oh…so, Becky knows about it then?” And poor Adam’s jaw dropped to the floor as he responded, “Wait! She’s not supposed to know?! I’ve never done this before! I didn’t know that part was supposed to be a surprise!”

He is adorable.

So, I knew it was coming at some point and I knew he and my best friend, Maryam, were sending messages back and forth to plan it, but I didn’t know anything past that! I actually was convinced that he was going to propose on my birthday (the 14th) or the weekend after it. He had hinted that weekend that the ring would take awhile, so I really didn’t know when it was going to happen.

Pre-Proposal Dinner

On Monday, December 18th, he texted me around 2pm, “Hey sweetie. I know it’s short notice and odd timing, but I’m taking you to dinner tonight. I never took you to a nice birthday dinner like I said I would.”

Well, that set my proposal alarms off all over the place because:

  1. We never see each other on Mondays (he lives about an hour away in Denver).
  2. We don’t really do last minute plans.
  3. He never tells me he’s taking me to dinner. He always asks.

So, I definitely had a feeling it was coming, but I was trying not to expect it (a dear friend of mine likes to remind me that low expectations are the key to happiness!).

He picked me up from my sister’s house and we drove to The Bonefish Grill, which was actually the perfect choice. Because I’d been so sick recently, my appetite hadn’t fully come back, so a lighter fish meal sounded so much better than most things that night!

I had the Tilapia Imperial that was all kinds of amazing, he had the Dynamite-Style Shrimp with this delicious risotto and, because he loves me, we each got a sangria. I always have this problem where I want to try everything on the menu (I think every restaurant should offer sampler platters of their whole menu), but obviously can’t. Well, I really wanted sangria, but I couldn’t decide between the white mango or the red blackberry…so he told me we’d get both and share (but he wanted to order the red one because it sounded more manly).

He takes good care of me.

Dinner was delicious and we talked and laughed and tried to guess the profession of a large group of business professionals that sat at a table right next to us.

The Proposal

After dinner, we drove across the street to a sculpture garden that we had actually walked through on one of our first dates. But, because it’s Christmastime, they had turned the garden into a “Winter Wonderland.” There was music synced to the thousands of Christmas lights and it was such a beautiful sight!

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

I definitely knew something was up at this point because Adam was a bit jumpy and looking around and over his shoulder at every turn. Normally, he is the most laid back guy ever and not all that concerned with his surroundings.

He told me he was looking for a place for us to take a picture (he knows that’s one of my favorite things!) and we spotted this snowflake archway that was one of the entrances into the park. As we walked over there, all of these other people started wandering around that area, so we just kept waiting for them to clear out. It was pretty funny because one older couple stood under the arch and just hung out there for 5 or so minutes and I could tell it was making Adam antsy (which, again, is so abnormal for him because he’s such a chill, go-with-the-flow kind of guy!).

Finally, the area cleared out and it was just us. We took a quick selfie, then he took my hands in his, looked me in the eye, and started telling me all of the reasons he’d fallen in love with me.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

When he dropped down to one knee, it all became a blur. I know he was still talking and I was trying to hard to take it all in, but my excitement just bubbled over and I couldn’t contain it! I started jumping up and down and squealing and when he asked, “Will you marry me?” I think I probably said yes about 10 times in 2 seconds.

He asked if he could put the ring on my finger and all I could do was laugh because I’d already put it on (though I did take it off and have him put it back on)! And then a really nice man stopped and took our picture just minutes after he’d popped the question.

Post-Proposal: The Best Surprise Ever

After a couple minutes of hugging (because, really, I didn’t want to let him go at that point), he grabbed my hand and started quickly walking me out of the park. He said we needed to hurry back to tell everyone before the kids were in bed…and I reminded him that they already were at that point. So, then he said we needed to get back because he’d asked Stephen (my brother-in-law and incredible baker) to make us something special.

Stephen loves baking special desserts, so that actually seemed like a very plausible explanation to things, so I didn’t think a thing of it. On the drive home, I texted my closest friends and called my mom (but didn’t end up telling her because Adam suggested we just go see them after we dropped by my sister’s house).

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

As we were pulling into the driveway, I told Adam, “We need to send a group text to our small group when we get inside!”

We walked up the front steps, I opened the front door, and my sister’s dining room was full of people I love.

It’s not easy to surprise me, but I did not see that part coming.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

Tears sprang to my eyes immediately and I grabbed onto my dear friend Pam and didn’t let go. Their dining room was decked out with pink flowers (with rocks in the vase because Adam loves rocks and my brother-in-law wanted to do something special for him, too!), a congratulations sign, cupcakes, cookies, punch…

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

and a moose (because I love them so…that was actually a Christmas present from Adam!).

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

The people I love are the most important part of my life and the fact that Adam included them in the proposal just meant the world to me.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

I didn’t know the details at that point, but every person there had only had a few hours of notice and they still made it a priority to come.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

And now I’m getting all teary again just thinking about the wonderful folks I have in my life.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

My family, some of my small group friends, and even my best friend’s mom was there and it was just the very best surprise I ever could have asked for.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

What Went On Behind-The-Scenes

Apparently, the jeweler had told Adam the ring wouldn’t be ready until Wednesday at the very earliest. Well, Wednesday is when we were flying to Texas, so that really put a wrench in his plans. He would have been just fine proposing in Texas, but he really wanted me to be able to celebrate with my family and friends here, which was so incredibly thoughtful!

So, the jeweler let him know Monday just after noon that he could pick up the ring that day and he immediately went into hyper-drive planning mode! He thought about proposing on Tuesday, but Stephen had to work that night and Adam knew I would want him there (he was right!).

So, he texted my mom, my sister, and my brother-in-law about throwing together the party THAT NIGHT to surprise me. My mom just thought he was gathering the family at my sister’s house and they already had plans most of the day, but Adam and my brother-in-law went back and forth all day planning an actual party!

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

Adam knew how much my small group friends mean to me, but he didn’t have any of their contact info, so he ended up calling the church to try to track it down. One of the ladies from my small group works at the church, but he didn’t even know her last name, so he’s lucky we only have one Michelle that works there! Michelle got in touch with the other people in my small group for him and I’m so glad some of them could make it.

So, Adam texted Stephen about 1pm and between 1pm and 8pm, they pulled the entire party together. I was working in the basement all day and Stephen somehow managed to clean the house, go to the party store, get all of the food, and prep everything in just a few hours!

I am in awe of the amazing people in my life.

The Ring

The ring is actually extra special because all of the stones were from my grandmother’s ring. She passed away last year on December 16th, so I really love that we were able to bring her memory into this special night. She and my grandfather adored each other and I always looked up to their marriage, so I am excited to bring the same affection and adoration into my own marriage.

A Holiday Engagement - This is our proposal story.

So, he had the diamond and two sapphires to use, but Adam is the one who designed the setting, and I absolutely love it!

What’s Next?

We have no idea! We announced the engagement on Facebook and are overwhelmed by the flood of likes, loves, comments, texts, emails, and phone calls, but we haven’t even had a minute to talk about the wedding yet!

We don’t have a date in mind or any details worked out, but we’re about to head to Texas to spend Christmas with his family, so I have a feeling we’ll be working a lot of those things out soon.

Until then, we are just loving this new stage of our relationship. I love the newness of calling him my fiance and I can’t wait to spend a lifetime loving him!