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Adam and I have been engaged for about a month now and we are neck-deep in wedding planning already!

It feels like every spare minute we have is spent making some kind of decision – working on the guest list, brainstorming honeymoon locations, searching for bridesmaids’ dresses and so on (and have I mentioned that both Adam and I are terrible decision-makers?!).

But in the midst of this beautiful busy-ness, I’m still working hard to stay healthy and active (and not just order pizza every night that I feel a bit overwhelmed like I’ve been tempted to so far…).

As someone who has lost 100 pounds, I already know how much eating right and exercising regularly can help my physical AND mental health, buuuut….

when you add a wedding into the mix, it’s always good motivation to lose some of those extra pounds and try to tone up.

I would love to say that I’m 100% happy with my appearance (I’m not) and that I know that Adam will marry me whether I lose a few pounds or not (he will) so I’m only working on these things for health reasons, but that’s really not entirely true.

Even after losing all that weight, wedding dress shopping still brought some of my body image insecurities to the surface!

On your wedding day, there are tons of pictures that are going to be printed and hung around family’s houses around the nation and passed down from generation to generation.

It’s a day you really want to look good and be remembered as a beautiful bride!

Everybody has their trouble spots that they want to smooth out before the big day hits. Maybe you want to slim your tummy, have more defined calves, or drop a dress size. For me, I would really love to have fit-ish arms in all of my wedding pictures!

No matter what your goals are, use these wedding weight loss tips to stay healthy and active as you are planning your big day.

No matter what your goals are, use these wedding weight loss tips to stay healthy and active as you are planning your big day.

Tips For Losing Weight For Your Wedding Day

Prioritize Consistent Exercise

I don’t even necessarily mean going to the gym (though if that’s your thing, go for it!).

I just mean make sure you are moving regularly.

Go on walks, stand up more during your workday, run around with some kids. Pick something you are going to work on between now and the wedding and work on it consistently.

Because I’m working on toning my arms, I’ve been picking a 10-minute upper body strength workout from the SparkPeople website (they’re free!) and doing that almost every day.

They have a bunch of different ones to choose from, which is good because I get bored easily without variety! I have about 5 months to go, which is plenty of time to see a difference if I stick with it consistently!

It’s easy to wait for extra time to show up before you add exercise in, but during wedding planning, extra time doesn’t just “happen” (does it ever?). That’s why I write my workouts into my weekly schedule to make sure I get them in.

Added Bonus: Working out is GREAT for lowering all of that stress that comes with wedding planning!

Rally Your Support System

It’s always good to be surrounded by your inner circle of supportive friends and family, but now is an especially good time to keep them close!

  • Talk to your bridesmaids regularly.
  • Delegate tasks to them.
  • And tell them your goals so that they can cheer you on and support you.

When my best friend was getting married, she was already so slim but she wanted to lose a few extra pounds before her big day.

She asked if I would go on a juicing diet with her, and she’s my best friend, so of course, I said yes (and blogged about it)!

The second I mentioned to her that I wanted to work on my arm strength, she said she’d work on it with me long-distance (she lives in Seattle) and I know all of my bridesmaids would do anything I asked to encourage me, motivate me, and cheer me on toward whatever goals I set over the next few months.

The key here is reaching out to those people and asking them. People love you, but they aren’t mind-readers!

Reach out, tell them what you’re working toward, and see how they can support you.

Maybe your maid of honor will become your workout buddy or you will meal prep with your sister or go on walks with a friend.

Added Bonus: Spending time with people you love, whether you are talking, walking, cooking, or planning is such a great way to help you stay sane and grounded during the ups and downs of wedding planning!

Make Sure You Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I feel guilty sleeping in when I know there are things to do. But, the thing is, when you are exhausted…

  • you don’t think clearly
  • you’re not nearly as productive
  • your brain can send messages to your body telling you you’re hungry when you’re really just tired
  • your junk food and sugar cravings go haywire
  • your mood is all over the place

Your body needs sleep to function and it is not a badge of honor when you are surviving on 5 hours of sleep a night and an endless supply of caffeine.

Get to bed at a reasonable hour and let your poor body recover from your long days!

Added Bonus: You will not only be more productive, more healthy, and more focused, but you’ll also be a whole lot more joyful and optimistic when you are dealing with your fiance, your family, your future in-laws, and endless decisions along the way. When you’ve had a good night of sleep, it no longer feels like the end of the world when you realize you can’t fit everyone you love into the venue you chose (and you remember they will still love you anyway).

Don’t Skip Meals

When life gets busy, it’s tempting to just power through and try to be as productive as possible.

Don’t let that dictate your diet!

When you skip meals, you are more likely to drive yourself into a junk food binge because you feel like you’re starving after not eating all day.

  • Plan ahead.
  • Have a meal prep day if your weeks are jam-packed with activities.
  • Make sure to eat a protein-rich breakfast.
  • And keep a ton of healthy snacks around, in your purse, your car, and your office desk so that you don’t ever feel like you have to eat those work room donuts or fast food.

Fill Up On Vegetables & Drink Water

Vegetables should be the foundation of your diet! They will fill you up and they are chock full of nutrients, so your body is going to thank you for it.

I recommend filling at least half of your plate with vegetables and I always eat them first before moving on to the rest of my meal.

People that drink more water throughout the day tend to eat less calories. Thirst is another thing that confuses your brain into sending “I’m hungry” signals to your body when really all you need is a glass of water.

My water bottle is practically attached to my hand and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If it’s not right next to me, I’ll get distracted and completely forget about my thirst. Drink up and drink often!

Added Bonus: Both water and vegetables are also great for your complexion, so you’ll have that glowing bride look going for you!

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