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The Freedom Run 5k

I’m a bit late with this recap, but I’m written a post about each of my 5ks, so I can’t skip this one!

The Freedom Run was held on the 4th of July. More specifically, it was held at 6am on the 4th of July.  The early start time is quite necessary in our Tucson summer heat, but my summer sleep schedule did not involve me waking up before 6. or 7. or 10. Okay, I usually woke up before 10. 😉

I woke up at 5 that morning and drug myself out of bed and to the course. This was the 1st 5k I’ve been to where people were running already by the time we got there (25 minutes early).

Like, really running.

There were people that had already run the full course that morning, people that were running around fields to warm up for the race, and people that had run miles and miles to the course for the 5k.

I did not. I admire those people, really. But…no. I picked up my race shirt, pinned on my bib, and stood and waited.

The race started and it was about 90 degrees already. I proved to myself in the Color Me Rad race earlier this year that I could run a 5k without stopping, so this race I gave myself permission to walk parts of it and, boy, did I need it.

A lot of the course was on dirt and I am just not used to running on dirt. I run on pavement. Every once and a while I’ll run on patches of grass at the park, but I don’t run on dirt. My feet were sliding around and my shoes weren’t gripping well and I felt like I had to work 3 times harder for every step. Dislike.

The Freedom 5k : So Very Blessed

I ran the 1st mile without stopping, but as soon as my Nike+ app told me mile 1 was over, I walked immediately. I let myself walk for a few minutes, then picked a woman that was slow jogging and paced myself behind her. I still walk/jogged, so I’d fall a little behind her during the walking portions, then catch up, and sometimes even pass her, during my jogging spurts.

The 2.5 to 3 mile stretch was the worst, though. It was getting hot and there was hardly any shade on the course, so the Tucson sun was a-blazing and I saw my goal. Not the finish line, but a line of sprinklers that were running right next to the path. I wanted to feel that cool water so badly, so I picked up the pace and 4 steps before I felt the glorious shower…the water stopped.

I was not a happy camper.

But, at that point, I could see the finish line, so I let myself grumpily walk through the leftover water on the pavement, then picked my head up and kept on going and jogged until the end of the race.

The Freedom 5k : So Very Blessed

I didn’t stop my phone right away, so the time isn’t exact, but I finished in 35 minutes even! That’s my 5k best time, which I’ll absolutely take!

The Freedom 5k : So Very Blessed

After I finished,  I had an inner YAY-you-got-your-best-time party, grabbed some water and a grape Otter Pop, and found some shade.

And that was that! I’m considering signing up for a glow-in-the-dark 5k that is coming up in a few months, but I’m pretty unsure about the running in the dark thing. Most people in my life can attest that I am a fairly clumsy person, so that might not be the race for me. My enthusiasm for running isn’t what it used to be (as I’m sure you can tell by this “motivational” run recap) and I’m enjoying the strength training a lot more these days, but I’m still hoping to stick with it. We’ll see what happens from here!


Tuesday 27th of August 2013

You both did great! Go you! P~