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This year for Mother’s Day, instead of just searching Pinterest and Amazon for “Mother’s Day gift ideas”, I started thinking about my mom and what her love language is (if you haven’t read The 5 Love Languages book, you should! It’s amazing!).

A love language is all about recognizing how the person best receives love (which sometimes matches up with the way they show love to others, but sometimes doesn’t).

The best gifts don’t have to be expensive.

My mom doesn’t really care about material things as much. She would actually rather I not spend a lot of money on her. She’s the kind of mother who would appreciate anything I gave her, but she is more sentimental and enjoys words of affirmation and acts of service more than stuff.

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for every love language, so you can find the perfect gift from your mom, whether she appreciates words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, acts of service, or physical touch.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for A Words of Affirmation Mom

This is my love language, so I could come up with ideas all day long for ways to use your words to encourage, inspire, and uplift your mom.

  • Use a jar (a mason jar, a and fill it with strips of paper full of reasons why you love your mom. You could use your age – “31 Reasons I Love You” – or her age – “65 Things I Love About You”.
  • Spend some time and write a really nice card to her. Get specific about the ways she has improved your life.
  • Take her out to a Mother’s Day brunch with your siblings and go around the table saying, “Mom, I love you because…”
  • Write your mom a poem, a letter, or a song. Play to your strengths and let the words come from your heart.
  • Create a photo book of your childhood photos with you and your mom together and add your positive or funny memories to the pages.
  • Do you struggle with telling your mom how you feel? There are great fill-in-the-blank books out there to help you along!

Presents for Moms Who Love Gifts

  • A meaningful t-shirt can be a wonderful way to show her you love her with a mix of affirming words and something tangible that she can have to remind her how much you care.
  • Does your mom enjoy coffee or tea? She might appreciate a mug with a favorite Bible verse or sweet saying.
  • What hobbies does your mom enjoy? Does she need a new pair of gardening shears, an Instant Pot (they are SO popular right now), a sewing machine, or new a pair of hiking pants?

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Quality Time

  • Look for upcoming events in your area and buy tickets for you two to go together. Maybe there is a concert, a play, or a food festival that she would love to experience with you.
  • Plan a day to take her to a local botanical garden, out to lunch at her favorite restaurant, to a zoo, or a museum.
  • Does she have a creative side to her? Sign you both up for a wine and paint night and you can create paintings for you both to keep in your homes to remind you of each other.
  • Is there a tourist town that would be fun to visit? Stay the night at an Airbnb and spend the weekend exploring a new town together, wandering through shops and visiting fun restaurants together.
  • Even if she lives far away, you can still plan a special evening. Call a local restaurant in her area and have dinner delivered to her door and eat with her over Skype or FaceTime while you catch up and share stories.
  • Spend an afternoon going through old photo books together and remembering all of the wonderful memories you’ve created together.

Gifts for Moms Who Appreciate Acts of Service

  • Surprise her with breakfast in bed. It’s affordable and can be as easy or elaborate as you’d like! When we were young, splitting a cantaloupe in half and filling the center with ice cream was always a breakfast treat on holiday. These days, I like to make things like Apple Walnut Cinnamon Rolls, Maple French Toast, or a Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet.
  • Offer to do a project for her that she has been meaning to do, but just hasn’t gotten around to. Maybe there is a squeaky door that needs fixing, a microwave that needs replacing, or she has been wanting to get all of her old photos scanned into her computer.
  • Step in to do little, everyday things for her for the day – fill her car with gas, go to the grocery store for her, do the dishes, take her car for an oil change, take the trash out, pick up her prescription refill, pull weeds, make her dinner.
  • If she doesn’t need all of the things listed above done on that specific day, make a coupon book of those things that she can redeem the next time she needs that chore done.
  • Surprise her with a special homemade lunch presented as a picnic in the park.
  • Offer to organize with her – her favorite recipes, photos, or a craft room.

Gifts for Moms Who Feel Loved With Physical Touch

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